Inside Out

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Each day of our lives are travled
going to and fro never knowing where
were going or where we've been.

What sadness to have never known love
living among strangers never knowing
there names, it makes you feel like
a drone the feelings turn you inside out.

The sadness leaves you empty, without
feelings, all hope is gone, dried up
to the point of no returne.

Laying in bed at night crying uncontrolable
to the point your eyes swell,awakeing to another
day of the same torture repeating the process.

Needing help from others but afraid to ask, because
the trust is gone, lying helpless among my shadows
basting in self pitty,what madness I see, "Lord help me.

Setting in the dark depressed to the point of ending
this so called life, why would I let these thoughts
rule my life, what would you do if to take a walk in
my shoes, your
life could end up like mine lost and undone.

If only I could have loved
this pain would subside,
But woe unto me for I have
not found this feeling others
have talked about, all I have
to deal with are those feeling
that turn me inside out.

Submitted: January 29, 2007

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Submitted: January 29, 2007



This is a poetry-story about giving up on life,

there ishope for all who feel unwanted, don't let

others make you feel less than loved.

© Copyright 2018 Kirby Ramsey. All rights reserved.

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