remember when hina was here

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Submitted: April 20, 2017



Remember When Hina Was Here

By Austin Hunter

“Hina ,where are you? Why, did you leave me?!”  “Joe, remember I am always with you.”  Joe woke up crying remembering his sweetheart and that sweet time they had together.

Four months before…………..

“Jill come on ,we going to be late if you don’t get up,” Joe said. Jill looked at the clock to realize that they had to heading out the door in 30 minutes. She quickly puffed a smoke, showered, and headed downstairs with 2 minutes to spare.

Joe and Jill’s parent are pilots who fly from San Francisco to Tokyo and Sapporo . Two months ago they moved from their quiet town of Highlands, Utah to Katagami, Japan which is about halfway between Sapporo and Tokyo where their parent’s work in .

They both arrive just in time to see what homeroom they have. “Jill,what homeroom do you have,”asked Joe. She replied “C-3 , what are you in?” “D-11,weird we are normally in the same class,” said Joe .They both found a seat about 5 minutes before the ceremony started.Jill was already making friends and talking with her poor Japanese. Joe sighed “this is my dream to be here , but Jill seems to fit in better,” the intro-ceremony began.  Afterward , everyone headed to homeroom like zombies. Joe found his homeroom and sat down in this desk then sighed. He heard a voice saying”hey cutie why so sad?”Joe blushed “who the heck are you?” he exclaimed. “I’m Hina Ito , you seemed lonely so I decided to talk to you,”she said proudly,”how about you join me for lunch today.”Joe nodded,and hina sits down in her seat.

During class Hina talked to everyone and go to know everyone but Joe.Everyone talked to Joe because he stood out majorly.Joe was super nervous and forgot how to speak.Most of his classmates know avoided him.

Lunchtime came and hina grabbed Joe.”come on,”she said with a big grin on her face.He follows her up to the school’s atrium . They sit in the big glass dome.Joe looks down to see a small courtyard with small trees and bushes covering the floor.

When Jill got to her homeroom, she already knew some people in her class.She began talking to some of her classmates when Wu,the class trouble maker, offered her a drink from a strange bottle .Not knowing what it was she took a drink.Afterward,she felt totally off and had a hard time concentrating .The lunch bell rang and Wu invited her and some other girl to eat lunch on the roof top. Wu introduced her to Tam once they got on the roof.Tam turning to jill and said” you handle vodka really well,”Wu interrupted “better than anyone I have seen.” Jill smiled and said ”thank you”.They had talked and laugh until lunch was over.

Meanwhile,Joe pulled out his lunch and started eating. While he was eating Hina was smiling and looking at him Joe blushed.Hina continued smiling then Joe asked ,“why did you want me to sit with you at lunch today;don’t you have other people to sit with?” Hina put her chopstick down and said,”what high school did you go to last year?’’ Joe replied shock about the question,”lone peak high,”nervously .”See”,hina replied,”and I’m guessing you have have no friends do?” Hina laughed , finishing off her green tea .Joe continued eating then, Hina asked “what in the world are you eating,” pointing to the plastic container that joe had been eating out of ,”Oh that is barbeque pizza I made ,” said Joe .”Oh,then feed me some please,” Hina replied. Joe blushed then fed her some .At first she seemed confused about the flavor but,after about ten seconds,she was taking more of his food.By the time lunch had ended Joe and Hina were very close,as if they had known each other for years.  The lunch bell rang and they headed back to class still taking. Class started and Hina left the room for quite some time.when she returned she was white as a ghost;she was sent home shortly afterward.After school Joe walks home alone. About two hour later ,Jill finally texts Joe that she will be staying a friends house for the night.Joe did his homework and make dinner for himself .Normally, Joe makes a big meal for Jill but, since Jill isn’t here he made a small meal.

Days pass by and Jill still didn’t show up but , Joe didn’t care he got to see hina basically every day .A few weeks went by and a roller coaster hit Joe.His Mother and Father divorced after his Father found out that his Mother was cheating on him with another co-worker . Jill was caught breaking into a neighbor's house to feed her new found addiction to meth .Jill now lived with Wu and Tam;last time Joe saw Jill she was grabbing a few thing from the house.Hina seemed to be losing weight and seemed to be getting sick more often.

One day at school Joe was wait for class to start. Hina jumped on his desk and said to him, ”are you free tomorrow?” Joe replied,”yeah I’m open.” “good ,meet tomorrow at the train station at 9,”Hina said blushing.Then she went back to her seat;then,class started . After school,Joe invited hina over his house to eat some good food

After school Hina and Joe walked to Joe’s House to study.They Finish Homework and Joe starts dinner. Joe Ground Fresh Beef into a bowl then adds eggs,spices and some soy sauce. He mixes then together then , started his makeshift charcoal grill .  By the time he was done Hina’s mouth is watering. He grabbed condiments and bread then they started to eat. By the time they finish it is late and hina leaves. Before she leave she says smiles ”see you tomorrow”.  Afterward, he put the leftover food and cleans the grill . He sighed and fell asleep on the couch.

The next morning he got up about 8:00 and got ready ,then proceed to the train station. He left about 8:50 and got to the train station two minutes later. He waited for a few minutes then Hina showed up .They got on the train and headed towards tokyo.Joe had only been to tokyo once, when he moved to japan;he had only stayed for a couple of hour but; now, he got to spend the whole day in tokyo. Hina fell asleep on joe’s lap during the train ride”She must have gotten tired from the walk to the train station,odd,”thought Joe.

Once they got off they headed to lunch . For lunch they ate at an okonomiyaki bar,one of hina favorite places.They got their food then talked and laugh for quite a while. Joe at most of his ,while Hina only a few bites. Once they finished Hina lead Joe to a park .They both sat down ; Joe could tell something wasn’t right. “Joe, I have something to tell you ,” hina said sadfully.”yea, what is it ,” Joe replied. Hina took a deep breath and started talking” I don’t know how much longer I’ll be alive for;I have AIDS.”She was crying by This point. “I love you but, I can’t be with you forever.”Joe holds her hand he leans in they both close their eyes and embrace . The rest of the time they visit shops  their hands don’t let go once. They head to the train station and get on the train . On the way back they fall asleep . once they get to their stop they kiss goodbye and head their separate ways .

 2 months go by and hina got weaker and weaker . Joe and Hina both stay close to each other most afternoons they just sit and hug . Most of the time they just weap . 3 weeks pass and Hina collapses during School Joe rushes to her side . They quickly call an ambulance and rush to the hospital .She stays in the hospital for a few Days then Joe gets that nightmare call from the doctor. Joe  gets out of class and rushes to the hospital . Joe got to her room just before it’s too late. The doctor said”,she has been calling for you,  she is very weak so be careful.” “How long do I have until she died?” asked Joe .” We aren’t sure but not long ,”he said.

“Joe,”she said in her weak voice,”I knew you would make it .Please let me speak I don’t have much time . Ever since we met those many months ago .I’m glad we got to meet and be lovers . I knew you were very special .” Hina breaths become gasps. The machines in the room went mad and the doctors rush in to see what is wrong the machines .Hina final words were “ I…lo..v..e...y.....o…….u.” Then she took her final breaths and died peacefully with a smile on her face.

After Joe walked out of the room the doctor motioned him to come over .Joe walk over the doctor said”Hina was a wonderful person;she made everyone happy ,you were a lucky man to know her.You know she alway talked about you and , how you were so nice .” Joe walked out of the hospital weeping. Joe walked home alone crying.Once he got home he shut the door and weeped  . he didn’t eat or sleep for a few days. All Joe did was cry and wondering why  she had to leave him.

The a few days later Hina funeral came .Everyone from the school came to say good bye . Joe heard so many stories about Hina being friendly and how she helped them out . Jill showed up to say goodbye to Hina. Joe talked to Jill “why did you come ?” Jill replied “I wanted to say I’m sorry for hurting you .” Jill said farewell and left . They buried Hina in Joe backyard so could be with her. He went to her grave every morning to see her headstone saying ”she loved all and hated no one.” Many years pass and Joe never left the house where Hina laid.Many years pass then , Joe died after his long fight with lung cancer but Joe died with a smile and tears in his eyes.His final words were,”I can’t wait to see you again Hina” .Finally, he was reunited with Hina again. They buried Joe right next to his lover. The End -


Thanks you all who have read my short story it has been many long sleepless night and many long days . The story goes to anyone and everyone who has lost someone .My hope is to bring peace to you even thought it might be rough. During the writing of this I had a lot thoughts about what I was doing . I guess for me on the inside I feel that I’m dying on the inside  like Joe did when Hina died.Once I started writing I felt relieved about what I was doing was right- Austin Hunter 3-29-2017


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