Night Patrol

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A very short Halloween piece.

Submitted: October 07, 2006

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Submitted: October 07, 2006



Jason didn’t mind being out on Halloween. In fact, he loved it. As he slowly patrolled the streets in his car, he watched all the costumed children run around laughing and yelling. Witches, ghosts, Spiderman, they were all here. It always surprised him to see how many of them were out here with no adults. That was okay though. It was his job to protect them. Well, the good ones anyways. The bad ones had another thing coming. He smiled as a group of young girls all dressed as princesses ran up to a house and shouted, "Trick or Treat". It really was his favorite night of the year.


Pulling his car to the side of the road he decided to wait. It was still early in the night. He wouldn’t have anything to do until later when the teenagers came out. The ones who were too old to trick-or-treat, but too young for a driver’s license. If they could drive they would be at parties under-age drinking or parked somewhere quiet feeling each other up. But since they couldn’t they always decided to sneak out with eggs or toilet paper to vent some of their pent up energy on someone else’s property. That was when he would have to get to work. Until then he could relax and enjoy the show.

As the night wore on the gleeful shouts of Trick Or Treat became few and far between. At ten the world seemed deserted, but he knew better. There was still activity going on. You just had to look closer to see it. He decided it was late enough and fired up his engine. For a long time he didn’t see anybody as he drove around. Then ahead in the road he saw what he was looking for. Wide, white streamers blew gently in the breeze as they hung limply from the branches of a tree. Ah, toilet paper. The tell-tale sign of delinquency. He chuckled silently to himself.

It didn’t take him long to find the culprits. They were still less than a block away walking down the sidewalk. Two boys and a pretty girl. The boys were obviously trying hard to impress the girl. They approached another large tree and started hurling rolls into it. The girl just watched and giggled. I’ll just pull up and scare them. He thought. As he rolled his car up beside them, they stopped what they were doing and looked blankly at him. To his surprise none of them turned and ran. Kids today. No respect for authority. Sighing, he grabbed his flashlight and opened the door. I’ll just give them the light in the eyes trick. That always seems to work with these ones. He stepped out and started walking around the front of the car. "OK kids. Time to go home." He had decided to cut them some slack and give them the chance to just walk away.

One of the boys and the girl turned to go, but the other stood his ground. "What are you going to do if we don’t?" He said squinting at Jason. Jason scratched his head and smiled. He knew that if the girl hadn’t been there this kid would have left by now, but since he had something to prove he stood there with his chest puffed out.

"Listen. This is your last warning, then there is going to be trouble." Jason stepped forward menacingly.

"Go to Hell!" He shouted. Jason almost felt sorry for the kid. He didn’t even know what Jason could do to him. The girl whispered something and tugged at the kids arm trying to get him to go. The kid turned to say something to her. Jason saw this distraction as his opportunity. He lunged forward and pulled out his knife. As the boy turned Jason stabbed him in the chest. The other boy was already half-way down the street. The girl, paralyzed by shock, stood there unable to even scream. Jason grabbed her by the arm and dragged her to back to his car. The boy stood there for a moment, knife in chest, before he finally collapsed to the ground. As he shoved the girl into the passenger side of the car she finally found her voice and screamed. He hit the back of her head with his flashlight and felt her go limp.


He looked quickly around the street for witnesses, but saw none. Jumping back in his car he quickly fired up the engine and drove away. He wasn’t worried about the kid that ran away. All he would be able to tell the police is that a man in black had driven up and attacked his friend. It was too dark to see the what kind of car, and the light in his eyes would stop him from giving a very good description of Jason. He turned and looked at his prize. I’m doing her a favor. He reasoned with himself. If she gets off on bad boys, then I’ll be her Prince Charming. The thoughts of what he would do to her made him quiver with anticipation. God, I love Halloween. It really was one of his favorite nights of the year.

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