A cat's day

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How a housecat nornally spends her day in her own words.


I really despite all these nonsense that are being told about the lives of ordinary home cats. They are calling us lazy, with no many interests in life and even mean at times. Pure fantasy and sometimes jealousy.

We are creative, imaginative and quite playful at times and given the limited space we have to work with we do pretty well, considering, as we do seem to manage to survive, even thrive in small spaces and to cause none or relatively few problems to those strange animals with two legs who seem to look after us and provide us with food and shelter.

I guess it will be better if I can give you an example than just being vague and generalise about indoor cats' lives.

So I will describe you how i normally spend my day in my own environment and that will give you a good general idea about cats lives!

First let me introduce myself: I'm a 3 year old female cat, called Sheng Chi (I can't really recal the exact meaning of the name but I believe that it has something to do with good energy and Feng Shui, not my expertise really...) and I live in a nice two floor house in South of England in a small seaside town. Our house has a nice decent size garden which attracts quite a lot of wildlife (mostly birds) all year around. I share the house with two humans and two other cats, a female and male one. I get along with all the residents and in particular with the creatures that they cal themselves humans and the cats but occasionally I might have a bit of disagreement with Choo Choo (the male one) as he thinks he is the boss in the house although in reality I am (if you don't believe me ask any of my humans who will easily confirm it as quite often they will say it in their funny sounding language with expressions such as 'she is in charge', or 'she is the boss' and even 'she always gets her own way'! I rest my case but Choo Choo on the other hand is a bit 'thick' and he doesn't seem to want to accept the inevitable).


When I was young and very foolish I used to get up very early in the morning and I would then try my very best to wake my humans so I can have my breakfast and have a bit of fun. But of course I soon learnt (the hard way) that I can't always get what I want by being 'annoying'. Oh no, the trick is that you can get what you want by simply being 'cute', 'cat cute' of course. So you see then I would try different methods, with not a lot of success, to convince my humans to get up. But of course humans as most cats know (or at least some of them) like their sleep, like us cats, particularly early in the morning (which is a petty really as we cats like early mornings as it is the best time of the day to be active and to catch small prey if you are outdoors of course...you know the early cat catches the early bird – the correct version I would say!). So they will easily get annoy if you try to wake them up by our different methods such as toe biting, leg scratching, sitting or licking their face, knocking things from shelves or using loud vocal noises, meowing as humans call it.

So when I was young and very naïve I tried all these methods but unfortunately my humans never gave in and they would always got up quite late. So I had to learn and to adapt. Besides there was always munchies around for me to crunch if I was feeling really hungry or things to play with like balls and fury things that they suppose to look like mice (really now, how stupid the humans think we are, not to be able to tell the difference between a real mouse and a silly toy? But they are fun to play with and sometimes they do smell really nice.) Soon I've also realised that sleeping in the early morning hours is actually pretty good for you and humans seem to know what they are doing after all. So now I sleep on the bed with my humans so when they get up I'm ready to have my breakfast.

So when my humans get up, my own day also starts although I must admit that in the old days when both my humans used to go out in the human world for hours, almost every day (5 days a week) they used to get up much earlier than they do now as they both work from home since we moved to this new house. Which is a good thing despite the late start of the day since they are both at home and I get more attention and decent meal hours than before, plus we all generally go to bed quite late, sometimes they go to bed later than us cats although I usually have a little snooze on the sofa or desk or table while I wait for them to go to bed.

So after the humans are up we cats have our breakfast, early lunch while the humans have their black drink (I think they call it coffee). I usually have my breakfast on the table in the living room by the window so I can catch the bird action outside as my favourite human (the female of the species) will put some fresh bird food outside. I must admit the view from that window is the best there is in the house as the bird feeder is quite close to the window and those little feathered rascals don't seem to mind me sitting on the window sill and observing them. I think that they actually know that I can't really get them no matter how scary and menacing I'm trying to look. Oh well, I'm not really keen anyway on catching them, what's the point? I get as much food as I need and even more than I want, and they are too small and not that meaty anyway. Besides they are quite cute the way they fly and make noises (don't tell them that though that cats think they are cute because we still want them to fear us, we have some reputation we need to protect here!). Anyway I can spend quite a lot of time in the morning after I had my breakfast watching them having their breakfast and although occasionally Choo Choo will try to steal my spot most days I will be left alone to observe them for as long as I want to.

After the birds and myself would have finished with our breakfast it is time for me to check if the mail has arrived as occasionally there would be something interesting to smell in those letters and small packages. I really can't understand why none of the other cats are interested in checking the mail as quite often we do get items delivered which they are for us through what the humans call online shopping...well whatever!

After checking the mail it is time for me to do some work. For those of you out that they believe that cats don't do any work at all, well, you are very, very wrong. We cats like helping our humans with their daily tasks whether this is housework (my favourite is changing the bed covers...I really enjoy helping with this task) or office work. I personally assist with both kinds of work, house and office! Usually on weekdays both my humans will do what they call office work or paid work and I will be there most of the day helping them.

So when any of my humans will start working on their computer or laptop I will be there to help. First I will assist my male human as he is the one who starts working first while my other human only works part time as she also studies for something she calls Masters...wherever.

So as soon as they switch their computer on I will jump on the desk and will help them with proof-reading (they tend to do a lot of spelling mistakes so quite often I will press the delete button with my paw to correct the mistakes without my human of course noticing). So during the morning I would quite often move around from one desk to the sofa or wherever the other human will be working on that day on her laptop. Her work is more complicated as she works with images so I will have to be more vigilant and help with her mouse clicking (and yes I do know that it is not a real mouse or even remotely looks like one but I go along with this silly human analogy...if they want to call that plastic thing a mouse, they can call it a mouse, as long as they don't expect me to believe that this is a form of mouse....really know, how silly a human can get!) and click myself (by often sitting on the 'mouse') to correct mistakes. Sometimes I will try to point with my paw at the mistake on the screen or monitor but these humans don't like me touching their screen, they are unbelievably overprotective of their machine! Of course sometimes my humans seem not to realise that I'm only sitting there to help and not because I just like sitting close to them or that I want attention at all times and they would occasionally try to convince me to go somewhere else. But of course as I know what my duties and obligations are, since I'm a responsible cat after all who wants to earn her food and shelter and affection I will not leave till I'm certain that I have done my job for the day, which means that some days I will work harder and more hours than others especially if I need to check emails to make sure that they are no mistakes and that they are all read and replied accordingly.

Eventually I will have to stop as it will be time for a quick snack and snooze. You are not suppose to work for hours in front of a computer without taking breaks you know...Besides, as, cats, like taking small snoozes regularly as they are good for you and help you to boost your level of energy daily.

So I will find a quiet spot at one of the windows if it is sunny or under the bed if not or even next to the radiator if it is cold and I will snooze for a few hours till tea-time.

At tea time I will go downstairs after I have checked where everybody else is and will wait for my tea. Soon my female human will stop what she is doing to give us our tea and I will have it on my regular spot, on the table where I can watch if there is any wild life action outside in the garden. After tea I will then move to the sofa next to one of my humans and I will watch a bit of TV if there is anything interesting to watch that is. More often there is hardly anything at all to watch (I prefer watching documentaries with wild life than boring films or soap operas. I don't understand this human preference for TV programmes that they don't show real life situations. I mean what is the point of watching make believe films or programmes, especially when you know that what you are watching is not real...very silly and time consuming!)

As quite often there would be nothing that interests me to watch on TV I will then go upstairs again and help my other human with her studies. Although I can't reply on her own language I will try my very best with body language and cat language (noises to you humans) to reply to any kind of questions she would ask me or try to explain things that she doesn't seem to understand. Sometimes humans can be quite thick as they seem incapable of understanding at first hand simple concepts and notions. And then they will call us, cats, stupid and they will put us at the same level as dogs! (Sign). Of course we are intelligent, of course we understand and know everything, but nobody ever ask us any intelligent question or even expect us to answer them. But we do the answers and and try to reply in our own way and method of communication.

After study it is then play time. My best time of the day as all cats and humans we are gathering in the living room and play silly but fun games with things that are hanging on strings, balls and furry fake mice and of course occasionally we are allowed to have some fun with catnip leaves. This is the best time of the day as then I can roll on the carpet, look silly, make a lot of mess without worrying of being told off. Catnip is the best way to relax at the end of a stressful and a busy day.

After that use of all that energy it is time to relax in front of the telly on the sofa but of course I will have to be really fast and get there before the other two cats do as this is the best time to get a lot of attention and pampering from the humans. Sitting next to them means that I can get some extra attention by simply looking really cute and by making our special sound, purring, and by allowing the humans to scratch my head, chin, massage my back, tickle my belly, etc. And while my human will give me a lot of attention I can have a quick snooze as well before it is time to go to bed.

So this is how I will normally spend my weekdays, which as you can see it's not only snoozing and eating, I do quite a lot of work like my humans do while at the same time I have to make sure that everybody in the house is behaving and knows his/her place!

Submitted: July 15, 2007

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I loved this story as...I am a cat owner myself.
Keep writting....

Sun, July 15th, 2007 11:33pm


Thanks for your kind comment, I love cats and writing about them.

Mon, July 16th, 2007 9:22pm

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