Accents beginings

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
This has been something i've wanted to get out this is Chad's side of what happened when he fell for Chris

Submitted: September 08, 2014

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Submitted: September 08, 2014



This is a thank you for all of you that read and for those that allow me to let my insane ramblings fill your days I love you guysxxxxxxx




………… Chad sat down as the rest of NeverWest and I hit the stage.


“Okay that smile means trouble” Mir laughed as she came over and handed him a Jacket “I need you to try this on for me” He took the Jacket and took a deep breath as he slipped his arms into the sleeves.


“So how’s Kellan?” he asked as Mike came over and brought him a drink


“He’s good” Mir blushed


“He’s good?” Mike laughed as she checked the jacket fit on Chad


“Yes he’s good… fine he’s better than good and the phone sex if pretty amazing while he’s away”


“Okay and that we didn’t really want to know” Chad laughed as she helped him out of the jacket he turned his attention back to the stage


“Can I ask you something?” he glanced at her


“I want so much to say yes but sometimes you asked the weirdest shit” Chad teased


“Why Chris?’


“Oh that I wasn’t expecting” he sighed and took the drink from Mike as he sat on the case next to him


“Come on you know we’ve all asked the same question… mind you more of here and why the hell she gave your ass a chance” Mike laughed as Dan and Ryan came over


“You’re an ass” Chad groaned and gave his brother the finger


“What we talking about” Dan smiled


“Why Chad decided Chris was the one for him” Mir explained


“Well Duh have you looked at your best friend she’s hot” Ryan laughed “In a she’s my best friendswife and one hell of a girl kinda way” they all looked at him and laughed


“So alright then we all know little bits as to why but come on” Dan put his feet up on the case


“Well like Ryan said look at the girl, she’s beautiful, but there was and still is something in her eyes that screams lost” Chad ran his fingers through his hair “I remember the first time I heard her and the rest of NeverWest was at the venue in Tampa” Mir beamed from ear to ear


“They were so excited to be playing there”


‘They hadn’t been together all that long had they?” Dan asked Mir shook her head


“Three weeks… My best friends were going to be rock stars for the night it was amazing” She took a deep breath and looked at the stage “Her face was a picture when she did Side of a bullet and turned around to see you four all there, but that’s her story and I know that side pretty damn well” Mir scooted Dan along the case and sat down “Well come one Chad we’re waiting” Chad shook his head and laughed


“Well we walked into the venue because Elena had asked us to come and I’ll admit we didn’t want to go there, we’d had a rough flight from Canada and well there had been a long night in the airport lounge the night before”


“Oh that night was a doozy” Mike pinched the bridge of his nose “I can’t remember getting on the plane and then the next thing I knew was a call from Lukas telling us we weren’t going to the hotel we were heading to the venue…”


“Oh Dan used all of those Japanese swear words he’d learned I think that day” Ryan nudged Dan and they all laughed


“Hey I want to hear this shut up” Mir moaned “So you walked in to the venue and…” She prompted Chad

“Okay we walked into the venue to the sound of Side of a bullet starting and Mike tried to turn around and walk away but Lukas was there telling us he was not going to deal with the Russian Tasmanian devil if we didn’t at least stand at the side of the stage and listen for half the song” Mir smiled at him and leant her head on Mike’s Shoulder “We walked though the backstage as Chris started to sing and I think the four of us all looked at each other as the band wasn‘t missing a beat and she was killing the song in a good way.


“Were they ever” Ryan nodded and a smile “It was a little surprising to say the least to walk out and see these for want of a better word kids out there like they were pros”


“I remember Chris’s voice had me utterly captivated like no one ever has before” Chad took a drink from his cup “She was there in Jeans and flip flops and a red and white Wisconsin shirt” he bit his lower lip and smirked



“Her hair pulled  back from her face and left hanging loose down her back”



I did her hair that morning” Mir giggled


“She had a pair of black star earrings in and a black bracelet with little silver things on them” He rubbed the rough beard growth on his face “All I remember was damn I want to meet her… and she turned around at the end of the song and I swear to you I felt like someone had punched me in the gut” Miranda was now grinning like a Cheshire cat “I’ve never believed in love at first sight but, I fell hard for her especially when she got utterly star struck and stammered over her words and when I shook her hand she was trembling”


“Yeah and then he found out she was almost legal” Dan laughed earning a swift slap from Mir “Ow”


“Yes I found out she was legal and she had a boyfriend in a very short space of time thanks to Elena” he chuckled “I remember going back to the hotel and laying on my bed and…”


“EW I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW” Mir wrinkled her nose and earned a Gibbs slap back from Dan


“I’m not a horny teenager that needs to do that every time he sees a pretty girl” Chad teased her “I lay on my bed and I tried to do two radio phone interviews and fluffed both of them because I couldn’t concentrate on anything that was being asked of me, all I could see was Chris and I went around and got these guys out of bed at three in the morning to discuss offering then the opening month of the tour”


“I was ready to kill him and find a new lead singer” Ryan laughed “We thought he’d lost the damn plot… but after arguing about it until eleven am we gave in and then when Chris came onto stage with us that night we sort of got hooked on her voice”


“I made sure I took every chance I could to just  give her a hug or be close to her and then” Chad stalled and pushed his hands in his pockets The whole Wisconsin deal happened with Arron and all I wanted to do was hold her but the guys closed in around her and then the next thing I knew Dimitri was there”


“Hmmm and we all know how that turned out” Mir ground her teeth


“Yeah for Chad’s benefit” Mike nudged her


“Like it was that easy” Chad shook his head


“Yeah you almost lost the plot the night Chris got drunk and kissed you” Dan pointed out “how many cold showers did you take that night”


“Three” Chad hung his head “The girl of my dreams kissed me I’d kissed her back, but I knew it was a knee jerk reaction to what Dimitri had done to her… I did the right think at the time and backed off a little and then we took over the management and I got to work more and more with her and I fell more and more in love and the night of the awards when she wore that ring on her finger it made me feel so good”


“See we knew you loved screwing with the press a little too much” Mir pointed her finger at him “You were loving people thinking you and her were together” Chad nodded


“I used to get on the nerves of these guys so badly when I had been around Chris that I’m surprised they even talk to me anymore”


“Oh we thought about not talking to you” Ryan stretched out his legs


“So how did you feel the night Kellan…”


“Had his hand on her ass and put his number in her phone… how do you feel about it?”


“I think he was just what she needed after Dumimtri” Mir laughed “I’m good with it, because she felt loved at the time she was at one of her lowest points… some of the conversations she had with Me and Heidi were intense, I was scared that at one point she was either heading for a full breakdown or someone would say another rock Star died too young” Mir lowered her head Mike put his arm round her “Kellan saved her when the rest of us couldn’t” Chad crouched down


“I know he did why do you think I have no problem with him and her being the friends they are, with the hot assed photo shoots they do, if there is a guardian angel he is hers” Mir looked at Chad and put her arms around his neck and hugged him


“She only loves him like a brother” Mir whispered


“I know” Chad nodded


“You made her the Chris we all love more than anything” Mir let go of him “You’re the rock she needs, the man that created the shoe monster” Mir laughed as she wiped the tears from her eyes


“Thank you… she is the woman I’m going to grow old with”


“Dude you already are old” Dan chuckled


“Okay Older with” Chad smirked


“I can’t believe you fell in love with her at first sight” Mir sniffed


“I can’t believe that she learned to love me”


“She didn’t learn you ass she was in love with you from the minute you talked to her about Guys come and go, she was falling for you and she didn’t know how to tell anyone” Chad frowned at her




“One of the reasons she was so on edge was after the Dimitri crap you were always there and she felt like she could trust you more than anyone else on the planet and she told me that… I was a little offended, but the night we visited and saw you two messing around, I could see in her eyes this girl was head over heels in love with you but was terrified to do anything about it in case you laughed at her and took away the chance of a lifetime from the guys” Chad looked round at the others all of them listening to her “You’d already knocked her back after the elevator kiss… and I understand why you did it but she felt rejected by you, but I know the first person she thought about when she woke up and the last one was always you” Mir put her hand on his face and sniffed back the tears “You two needed Gibbs slaps I think because you’d have been married a lot longer” they all started to laugh as Chad wrapped Mir in his arms and hugged her tight



“You know I don’t know what he’s done but somehow my husband has made my best friend cry” I called from the stage letting the crowd roar “I love you guys, but Chad she does your wardrobe piss her off and I’m laughing at the consequences” I turned back from Chad and Mir and we started with ‘Love Song’…………



© Copyright 2020 Kirkyb. All rights reserved.

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