Not all the same

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Stella Wilkinson has always been a little socially awkward preferring the company of books to get her to the point in her life that she's gotten too. Born and raised in England by her American Diplomate Father and University Professor Mother she is the youngest of four children and the one that made the leap to leave England and work in the States. He Father pulled some strings and she is teaching aerodynamics and Physics to Marine and Navy pilots. She keeps her self to herself but knows there is something missing from her life and it's nothing that a books could fill.

Table of Contents

Thank God for Summer

............ I sat down at my desk and over looked the work for the next class, to the regular person it looked like a foreign language o... Read Chapter

Just stop wearing heels

I walked along the board walk and headed for a coffee shop that over looked the sea. I made my ay inside and found a seat and ordered my ... Read Chapter

A Marine and a Gentleman

River pulled open the door to one of the bar and held it for me to walk in. We were greeted by the sound of laughter and the click of poo... Read Chapter


... "I am hungry" I nodded  "Awesome, well we can stay here but they are about to start a Karioke" He groaned as somone began to... Read Chapter

weekend starts

I pulld up behind a car that was waiting at the gate to get on base. The sun was high and it felt wonderful to have all the windows open ... Read Chapter

Quiet night

 I moved around the kitchen, the smell of the slow roasting Beef filled the air. I looked at my watch and felt a bundle of nerves it... Read Chapter

Pinch me

It felt like thre was only River and I on the sand as he pulled away and looked at me and smiled, I felt suddenly embarassed and looked a... Read Chapter

Big Step

Over the next few weeks River and I spent more and more time togethe and Ihad gotten to know his friends really well to the point I consi... Read Chapter

So different

I tossed and turned for most of the night, just with a nervous tangle in my stomach. I got up right before dawn and made a large mug of T... Read Chapter

Something different

River took my bags along with his from the back of his car and smiled at me as we entered the small municipal airport. River spoke to the... Read Chapter

The farm

Blue turned into the driveway to the farm and we were greeted my a large farmhouse with it faded shutters but it looked welcoming and hom... Read Chapter

A true family

There was a noise level like I had never known with laughter and teasing tones as we walked back down into the kitchen. River's fingers w... Read Chapter


Dinner was more like a fest with the amount of food that was on the table, not much was left though once everyone had finished. I helped ... Read Chapter

Small town

I lent on the porch rail while Carol ordered people around getting pictures of Luke in his Cap and gown before He was leaving to his High... Read Chapter

Pinch me

It was crazy inside the gym once the ceramony was over with families converging on the graduates and taking yet more pictures. River link... Read Chapter

Unwanted visitor

River and I showered and re dressed and headed back in to the town and to the bar. the famile were all sat around a large table laughing ... Read Chapter

Don't get sick

Summer was well underway and I was working harder than ever and I had actually been taken out several times to an aircraft carrier to giv... Read Chapter

Sun, Fun and well then

-The next couple of days were probabaly some of the most fun days I had ever spent, between laying in the sun, being taught how to wake b... Read Chapter


It felt like we were Sitting there for hours as the noise of everyone playing on the beach and in the lake was like a muffled drone. ... Read Chapter


The rest of the time with Rivers family was as relaxed as it was before I had found out that we were pregnant, I was still a little in sh... Read Chapter

keep working

I sat in the living room and focused on the computer screen in front of me, the doctor had called me back after the tests that they had d... Read Chapter

Stiff upper lip

I took a deep breath and swallowed hard. "I think we should get out of the womens bathroom" I said with a weak smile "Are you goo... Read Chapter

Mrs Stevens

The ceremony at the courthouse was far from any dream a girl could have had for her wedding, we found two witnesses just walking through ... Read Chapter

Just Breathe

"Yes Mom we're happy" I nodded "It was a little hard when we first found out because it was a shock but we worked through it" "I'm ge... Read Chapter

Making it through

Time seemed to drag each and every day, I had a small bump now and was just over twenty weeks along. The morning sickness had stopped and... Read Chapter