AIR Part 6

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So Autumn and Billy are getting married right? so Billy is going to get a job......wonder what kind of job it will be...

Submitted: February 27, 2010

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Submitted: February 27, 2010



Billy knocked on the door. He entered. I ran my hand across his sheets and yawned.

"Hey did you sleep okay last night?"

I nodded

"Yeah. Thanks for letting me sleepover."

"That's fine. The couch about killed me last night though."

"AW!" I made a puppy dog face.

Billy strolled over to the bed and sat down. He laid the help wanted ads beside me on the pillow.

"Did you finally find a decent job?"

"Yeah...there's a job for an entertainer on the weekends at the Lounge uptown. Playing piano and singing for at least a few hours. The pay is great!"

"That's great honey."

"You're great. Thanks for helping me with this."

He kissed me and leaned back.

"If you and me get married, you have to actually propose and stuff you know."

"Yeah. Where will i get a beautiful ring for a beautiful bride?"

"My grandmother's ring would work."

"Nope. Not happening."

"Why? Scared to meet the family?"

"Maybe. A little."

I scoffed and hopped out of bed.

"You mean you acutalyy don't want to meet the Collins?"

"I want to make a good impression when i see them again and the thought makes me nervous."

"Well i have the perfect remedy for healing nerves."

"Oh you do?"

I kissed him long and passionately.

"Oh...that is better."

Billy jumped in the shower and i stayed in the room to make the bed.

"So where do they live again?"

"Calhoun Falls dear near Abbeville county."

"Oh. That's a heck of a drive."

"Yeah. Maybe we can leave tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow? So soon?"

"Don't you want to get it over with?"

I guess.

My eyes came across a tux catalog on the bed. He must have been looking at it for his job. Or the wedding? groom.  His bride. I still couldn't act normal about it all. Was it just me or was i just not ready for it all. Nah! I could handle it.

"You okay in there? It's awful quiet."

"Yeah babe, i'm fine."

Yeah right!

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