Fires of Italy

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Submitted: May 21, 2011

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Submitted: May 21, 2011



It is truly a challenge when you try to figure out who exactly you are. I've have spent the better part of my life pondering over this mystery. The only clue that i ever had to whom i was seemed to be my birth certificate. As an officer handed me the scorched paper he had tears in his eyes. Apparently this poor man pitied me. The paper blurred as tears filled my own eyes. The bottom was completely gone, the place where my parents names were but i knew them by heart. They seemed unimportant now. Just a memory of them that would be forever remembered by myself. A fire had been started at my home where they were. No one knows how it started exactly. No one even saw a figure of a stranger come close to my home, except me. I saw very briefly a shadow of a person before i passed out and the darkness welcomed me. I knew that my parents could not return peacely as i did. It felt like hours had gone by before i even saw the tiniest bit of sunlight stream from inside the wreckage. The smokey smells were unbearable and to this day if i see the littlest flame it haunts me. A neighbor called the police and firemen. I knew this because she had pointed the policeman towards me. I heard the rubble crunch under his feet as he approached.
"Va tutto bene caro?" he almost whispered at me
I just plainly shook my head. I was devestated. He knew that becuase he held me in hios arms for a while and then gave me a kiss on the head.
"Mi dispiace tanto" he said
He then handed me my paper. Even though most of it was burned to a crisp i carefully read a few letters of my name. There was an A, a M, and another M.
"Il documento non indica il tuo nome. Devi dirmi per favore." The policemen stared at me as i took a step forward.
I licked my dry and smokey lips and said "Il mio nome è Abriella Maddalena Mancini. I miei genitori mi hanno chiamato Abri. A volte anche piccolo fiore. Ciò che mi fanno sorridere, anche quando ero pazzo o triste."
Even though i was crying and scared, i answered everyone of the policemen's questions. I told them my age and what school i attended and weither or not i had someone to look after me. Most of my family members had moved to America while we remained in Italy. My parents did not have a backup plan for these sort of things. One policeman volunteered to look after me for a while. I was very greatful. His name was Antonio Russo.
"Spero che vi piace la mia casa come un luogo provvisorio per soggiornare. Esso non può essere come la vostra casa è stata, ma penso che si adatti bene." Then he gave me a warm smile.
I couldn't help but smile a little bit on the inside yet the outside showed no emotion at all. We began to drive to his home a little farther away than my neighborhood. I was sad to leave all of my friendly neighbors here. I would miss them as i began my new life as an orphan. We pulled up to the house and Antonio led me inside.
"Questo è dove vivi? E 'bellissimo!"
Antonio smiled his warm smile again and showed me to his guest room. Later we sat down to wonderful meal of fetticuni. I hadn't felt that much at home in a while still i was upset. Antonio said i look tired and i hurried for bed. As i drifted to sleep i smelled smoke and orange colors danced in my mind......

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