We all fool ourselves.

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Submitted: June 27, 2010

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Submitted: June 27, 2010



so when the hours of late creep up behind you,
singing lyrics that send cold chills up your spine,
remember why they haunt you so.

drilling the memories forever to your forehead,
you can try to ignore it all you want,
force yourself back into the oblivion,
but its time to stop running away.

on display for the world,
for the public,
everything you've been through,
forcing them out of the oblivion.

stapled to your forehead.

they stalk your silhouette,
singing songs eerie to the state of mind,
stopping your heart but of only a moment,
chills from head to toe.

toe to head.

hours of such a late hour,
feign a depression,
it taints you so,
head to toe.

we all fool ourselves,
defining love in so many words,
so little words,
but it changes nothing.

nothing but the state of mind.

"are we cut out for it?"
"will we ever TRULY find it?"
such an intimate love.
only an illusion.

am i cut out for it??
am i capable of finding it?
the memories of such illusions,
illusions that felt so real.

so many nights,
sleepless nights and late hours pondering such oblivion.

lyrics sung into my ears,
lost lovers,
hours of late.

all spat back at my face.

chills down my spine,
head to toe.

i can never forget why it haunts me.

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