Remembering Life

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How would you feel if everday you forgot your life? Each day your a new person. That is what happens for Eliza. Everday she struggles to find herself. Will she every find her way? Join her in her hard journey through empty memoriess.

Submitted: August 11, 2012

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Submitted: August 11, 2012



I awake to warmth prickling my skin. I open my eyes to reveal light from the Sun streaming in through the stain glass window. Where am I? I can't ignore the stab of panic that goes through me, but I feel like I shouldn't be worried. I look around the room. It's nice, but the real question is, who's is it? It has a desk with a laptop, a walk in closest, a bookshelf, and a comfortable feathered bed I am currently laying on. I notice photographs on the bookshelf. Interesting, the all have the same girl with black hair and electric blue eyes. She seems familar. Maybe on TV or a distant relative? I turn around and gasp at what I see. In the mirror I see the mysterious girl, looking back at me with shock and sadness written on her face.Was I kidnapped? I open the door to a hallway with wooden flooring, and as I discover as I walk to the right, it creaks every couple steps. I pass two rooms only for them to be deserted. Did my kidnapper's abandon me? I walk down the staircase, to another level with creme walls that constrast with the bright paintings. The beauty almost distracts me from my overwhelming panic. Almost. I take a left to the dining room, which is connected to a kitchen. I hear muffled voices. Fear latches on me. I grab the nearest knife, and press myself against the wall and try to hear they're scheming voices.

"Richard, I don't think I stand this any longer", says a women, with hopelessness dripping with each word.

"What do you mean", replies a man.

"She can't stay here any longer. She's only hurting us."

"Are you suggesting we ship away our daughter?", asked the man, his voice filled with disgust.

"She forgets us everyday. What else are we supposed to do? Just wait until she remembers us?I'm starting to think that day is never going to happen."

"Then what do we do with her", he said like I was a piece of trash that needed to be thrown away.

"There's this lady. She's a specialist. She said she would take care of everything. When Eliza comes down, we say we are going to take her out for ice cream with her Aunt, she spends the night there. Wakes up tomorrow, she won't remember a thing."

"That works"

Okay time for me to step in. I dropped the knife and stepped into their view.

"Yes, that would of worked if you had kept your voices quiet, it's actually a shame I could really go for some ice cream. Don't worry I won't be in your hair much longer", I said more strongly than I expected, especially when I was trembling inside. I saw the horror on my parents face as my mother said

"No, honey, it's not-"I cut her off saying

"Don't worry it's fine", I said with no emotion in my voice or face.


"Really, I'll be okay." Lier!

"Goodbye", I said.

And with that I turned on my heel, strap the knife in my pants, and race up to my room. A single tear falls on my face as I grab clothes, toiletries, the first couple books I see, a wod of cash I find on the book shelf, a camera, a phone, and leave whatever life that I had behind.

I'm really starting to rethink this. At first it was okay. I had adrenaline. I was exhilarated the whole time. But adrenaline can only take you so far. In my case it took me a moldy, very uncomfortable, over-priced motel. I think that was when I realized how bad off I really was. Too many emotions were going through my mind. They each fought their way for dominence, making me desperate to figure out what was happening to me. Maybe I should just not worry about it? No I should face the problem. Each solution conflicted with another problem. In the end I just needed to take my mind off it.

I looked through the random books I got. None of then looked to interesting. That's when I spotted a book journal entitled '' EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW'' I opened it and read

'You are most likely confused and scared. Everyday you forget the day before. Your parents have taken you to several doctors and they could never find the source. The best thing you can do is re-read what has happened to you, and try to live on.

Some personal information: Born: April 19, 1998.

Favorite Color: Green

Things u like: Swim, run, paint, rock music, reading, basketball, going to the mall, making someone laugh, thornless white roses, the Sun, Mom and Dad, Ashton Kutcher, Mac and cheese' I winced slightly on the Mom and Dad

'Things you don't like: Rap music, being yelled at, scars, soccer, styrofoam, rats, mosquito bites, doctors, jump roping, icicles'

I noted that each word had various different colored ink. That meant that the person who wrote it, had done it many times. I also saw that things had been crossed out and changed. I flipped the page to discover many more empty pages all labeled 'personal info.' I kept turning until it said 'Home and School Life'

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