Demon on my Doorstep

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This is a dream I had in the best words I can come up with.

Submitted: November 25, 2011

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Submitted: November 25, 2011



The girl held tightly to the door, the ground shaking beneath her.
Chased into a mysterious house the girl takes refuge in a new home.
The world is breaking, crumbling before her eyes.
Unrelenting winds, cities crumbled, oceans stormed
Refuge of a home
Family lost, few by her side sleeping in another room.
The girl is forced to protect them
The ground shakes furiously
The walls surrounding tremble
The end is here, and only she knows
The front door begins to shake, locked, begging to open
Full of rage and fear, the girl knows her strength is the key
Unaware of what lies beyond the safe confines of the unfamiliar home
The apocalypse is not for you, it lies on the shoulders of a girl
She runs to the door, knowing the truth behind it
Too soon to tell
She turns the knob and the door explodes revealing reality
All of this havoc, typhoons, tornadoes, buildings and cars fly through the air
All of this destruction, this danger
Caused by her demon
Her enemy
The one who built the girl, who she is, destroying the world
This is Him, the one that hid her innocence, an unknown anomaly
Invisible, though she knows exactly what he looks like
He visits her in her dreams
He convinces her he’s her friend
He taught her to shield her heart, her eyes
He grew as she did, a warrior disguised as butterfly
Standing before her, high in the air, larger than any man
Invisible, nothing there but the wind thrown from his tattered wings
Only she can see him, only in her head, though he is real
The girl offers all of her energy, sweat in the form of tears fall from her eyes
Blood hurts her heart as it bursts through her body
The girl is exploding, the demon is winning
Beyond the home, outside of the door houses crumble and fly through the storm
The demon, Him, he is so mad at the girl, she tries to shut the door
He pulls on the other side of the handle
The girl is nearly powerless to the unnatural strength before her
He tries to pull the door off the hinges; he flies as hard as he can in the opposite direction
She holds on tightly, with an unknown strength of her own
He smiles at her, she can feel it.  A wary smile, he lets go, and flies up into the sky
Just as the house opposite of her is suspended into air
It begins to grow larger, higher, ultimately expanding
The house is being thrown at her, at the front door
As the resistance on the door falls, she pulls it tight just as the house hits hers
The walls, floor, ceiling; no longer in the girls’ control
So she allows them to crumble, releasing any fear of pain
She closes her eyes and runs into the room that her family is left
Frantically she wakes her brothers, who are unaware of the emergency
The girl yells at them to leave the house, the house is falling
They run, confusion obvious, but they run
As a brother trips, he vomits as if her shielded emotions are passed onto him
He has taken refuge on the floor, suddenly stricken by fever
The other brother lost, not sure of the girls urgencies
The walls are fixed, not a crack in sight
The girl goes to the door where the battle took place
Slightly frantic
A little uneasy
She opens the door, only to see sunshine.  The houses back in place
The trees remain planted; the leaves still green, the rain gone
The night is gone, the darkness retreated
The sunshine returns, while the girl relaxes
Exhausted, uplifted, ready for the next battle
She won this time, but the future is uncertain
Still taking in the suspicious sunshine
It does not matter, she decides
So she decides to enjoy the warmth on her skin
Last night was her secret
The way it should remain


© Copyright 2017 kirsten hall. All rights reserved.

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