It's Inside

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Your control is limited. Your mind is unguided.

Submitted: January 15, 2012

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Submitted: January 15, 2012




It’s not who you’re going through

It’s who you are now

Who you’re ever going to be

It never changes

Same mind, same body

It’s not about the trend you’re in

It’s you with a wandering soul

It runs all night

A sleepless fight

Your mind is hard to control

Drift in and out of a dreamlike persona

You’re actions all come from somewhere within

No control of your words, your thoughts

They fall into place

 Spontaneous, we know nothing else

An adventure

It’s constant

The good is great and the best is better

The sad is crushing

The wrong is blocked out

You ignore the pain

You eat it

It flows through your body like a drug

An altered state of mind

You become the enemy

It’s your strength

That is your downfall

Complete control

Your mind tells you

All the right moves

They always work

A playwright, your subconscious

The author, not you

Perhaps? You don’t know

Your soul is complex

You and I are the same

Though we are still alone

We take comfort in each other

We know something new, a feeling

A perfect match

Both broken and guarded

Slowly we grow

Though we stay the same

Still children

Still learning and eager

We open the same eyes as the day we are born

Who we are never goes away

Meanwhile, we look for answers


You are an adventurer,

You are a lover

A blank slate

I don’t care if it’s good, I don’t care if it’s sad

I want you

For once

No matter the mood

Slow, sweet, afraid

You are who you were

That’s all you have to be

And those words, my love

Should set your heartache free

© Copyright 2018 kirsten hall. All rights reserved.

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