Meaning is Nothing

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What is the meaning of life? Who cares?

Submitted: October 28, 2011

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Submitted: October 28, 2011



I think

The truth is

We will never find truth

And we don't really need to

Love is love, hate is hate

The sad truth is

There isn't meaning past that

I think

We don't stop speaking

Because we have that perfect sentence

And we expect results

That lead to meaning

Connected to truth

I think

My opinion doesn't matter

But I won't be silenced by that fact

And we don't need truth

We don't need meaning

I think

We need unconditional love

We need attempted understanding

And we need acceptance of that in which we can not change

I think

We think too much

And we speak too little

I think

We share too little

We indulge too much

And we judge too quickly

I really do think

That none of it matters

That is why today is important

If nothing matters

Then forget about today, tomorrow, and yesterday

And enjoy the feelings

We are gifted with

© Copyright 2017 kirsten hall. All rights reserved.

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