Peace on Earth - Already Tainted

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The truth I see, the love I feel, this earth will never be pure, I hope this gives you strength if you are a Christian, and I hope that this will give inside to those searching or who deny the bible. Whether you agree or not, I appreciate your time and consideration of the love I see.

Submitted: January 02, 2013

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Submitted: January 02, 2013




You are who

What I am

And we will be

As strong as light

The love you hold

Is strong in flight

The poison fog

Blinds you tonight

The truth is near

The fear is here

I hold you close

My fear is a cliff

You can jump and not return

At the bottom you find nightfall

As it breaks your skin and bones

You hold a light

Darkness will combat

Equally – Oppositely

My fear is the plunge

May look as an escape

One day an answer appears

The answer will settle your fears

Those fears are from a greater good

Your spirit speaks to you

It guilds your heart

The darkness blinds you

Mixes your thoughts

Changes your perspective

The light seems to sear

And all that you hear

Is a message of peace

In this world alone

I do not fear for you while you live here

Denying love is where your soul is lost

The darkness will feel hopeful

The darkness will be beautiful

The darkness will make peace

Do not deny

You feel your soul is floating

And another day, after your earth ends

You will see peace on earth

That peace is accepting

It will comfort you

But what happens the day your body is no longer habitable

One day your soul will float away

Accepting peace on earth

Is accepting earth

All it is worth, it is accepting all that happened

Moving past?

A cure for the human condition?

Death will never be cured

As all life lives through death

What happens when your body fails you

The peace, the acceptance, the comfort of earth


It will slip away

By accepting the earth as a comfortable place

You accept the evil

You accept the idea that there is good and bad

That there is a balance

True power would need no balance

True power is a rock

True power would never budge

Accepting the rape, cold blooded murder, lies, pride…

Accepting illness, accepting pain, accepting the darker side

While death is evil

Do not accept the evil

Accept that there should only be good

Human beings are the perfect tools to accept love and hate

Your soul yearns for life

A life with no death

To truly be alive, we will live forever

Do not accept the darkness of the world

Do not deny a merciful god

The darkness brought death

Brought confusion

Brought selfishness

Accepting these things, accepting them as a way of life

You accept evil

Do not deny the truth

The truth is good

The truth is gracious

The truth is everlasting

The truth is love

Do not be fooled by peace on earth

Peace on earth is the acceptance of the darkness

Strive for peace, for it is right

It is true

There is only one fair way

And it is having the choice between accepting darkness

Or denying it

We should not all be saved

Some hearts are dark

Dark hearts are hidden by pretty smiles and tender touches

To accept the good

To see it

You will feel it

And true peace will come

Because I love you

I see a pure heart

Do not accept these evil things

Another day we will be able to live perfectly

We will desire no more

This life on earth should not feel good!

We live with so much evil

To feel happy, to feel ok…

It is accepting every bit of pain

Once you find truth

You will find trust

And you will feel peace

Peace on earth is impossible

There will be a mass extermination of all who deny this “peace”

I am prepared to fall

No pain on this earth is not worth the price

The price to live in only light

Where darkness can’t survive

Only there will we feel peace

Only there will we deserve to feel peace

I am crying for the hurt you feel

I will never be ok with what has happened

I will never accept this world as good

This world is made to see there are two choices

Good and evil

It is your choice to deny the merciful truth

I will never choose earth

I will love equally

I will support free will

I support your right to choose

I will never choose to accept the beginning and the end

Because it is all one

Time is an illusion

If one day the earth reaches a peace

I will not deserve it

I will not deserve to be comfortable

In a world where millions are innocently tormented

I will not accept that as truth

The only truth I know is love

Love is waiting for you

It is a choice

Do not be blinded by the darkness

Because the light is within you

And it is calling you home

We will one day have the choice

The choice between peace on earth

Or peace eternally

I will choose my peace on earth

I can’t wait for the day my father calls me home

One man never hurt a soul

One man did only what was best for the world

He was tortured, he was mocked by his friends, he did nothing

Is saying you are the son of god really so evil?

I have heard that before

Without the result of a crucifixion

But he suffered that pain

He chose death

Because he knew death is not forever

If only I can redeem him

If only I am able to make that choice

The choice between a god that only loves me

And the choice between a world that has been filled with pain

The beginning

The end

The pain of our ancestors

If we find peace on earth…

That peace will not comfort them

That peace will not erase their pain

The beginning and the end are all one moment

Time is an illusion

Through death I will be reborn

Jesus suffered out of love

He had the choice to choose

Just as I will

And when I do

It will look as if I have died

Though my soul will continue

It will face the judgment

God will see my heart

He will see the evil things I have done

He will forgive me

Because god is only good

He will only want me to be happy

It’s merely a matter of accepting his forgiveness

I am not perfect

I am not close

I do not deserve comfort

Love is so strong that it is unconditional

I will accept him, the truth; an undeniable perfect truth

The truth that scholars spend lifetimes trying to discredit

It is the truth

If you search for truth with an open mind

A willing heart

I know you will see the truth

Accepting it or denying it

That is your choice

I for one respect that choice

I do not determine who will live in the light

Or who will live in darkness

I will love you the same

I will be your friend

I do not know the purity of your heart

I do not have those eyes

I have the option to love you

Just as I am loved, despite my desires

And to enjoy your love

And to enjoy your company

I urge you, however..

Do not accept the evil in this world

Do not think that you deserve more

Do not think that you don’t deserve more either

Just know if you are comfortable

Others are not lucky

Find the light

Love the light

It will change your eyes

You will see an entire system

A system of pure love

I will love you, no matter your belief

I will never deny my love that gives me life

And I will let him decide where I alone belong

Never fear the physical flaws of your body on this earth

There will be another life

And it can be yours

Do not deny the intelligent design

Truth does not fear investigation

You will be free the day you escape your body

Love will conquer

Find yourself

History and the future are one

Love will conquer all

© Copyright 2017 kirsten hall. All rights reserved.

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