Simplicity, in it's purest form

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A girl mysteriously born into the forest follows her human insticts in searth of any human interaction.

Submitted: October 05, 2011

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Submitted: October 05, 2011



A girl born from the womb of a cave with no mother or father to be found, located in the center of a forest not yet discovered. The forest took care of her. The plants took care of her needs. The flowers and fruit trees fed the baby girl, while the saplings held her and rocked her to sleep. The foliage protected the little human girl from the animals and the weather. The girl did not speak, but could communicate with the forest. As she grew, she never felt any pain. At least not emotionally. She felt only love and care, for that was all she knew.

She had many pets that kept her company, but the girl didn’t understand why she had never seen an animal that looked anything like her. She noticed also that there were two kinds of every animal, and even though they looked the same at first glance, the girl noticed there was something very different about some. She also noticed how the animals would play together. Every time they did this, more animals would be born. This amazed the girl, she knew very little about how the forest worked. Little things like that soon heightened her interest, and she began to think about other little things. Things she made up in her own head.

She would make believe a places outside the forest. The girl realized there must be more out there. She imagined herself traveling and seeing animals she’s never seen. She imagined seeing different kinds of trees. She even thought of meeting somebody who looked like her. That was what she longed for most, was just proof that she was not the only one. Not the only one to be curious about things. The girl saw that she had intelligence that none of the other creatures of the forest had. As much as she loved the forest, she wanted more. The girl had lived within the trees for thirteen years, and was finally bored enough to look at leaving as a reality.

The girl left one morning. She told the forest goodbye, and because the forest loved her, it let her leave with no guilt. The trees carried her a long way, much longer than she could have expected. It took almost two days, but she finally made it to a road. The girl wasn’t actually sure she would find anything. The road was so foreign to her, she had never seen something man made. She didn’t know what man made was. She didn’t even know what the road was for, but she decided to start there and walk along with it. It was flat and had lines that seemed to lead somewhere.

The girl walked, enjoying things she had never even close to imagined. She saw road signs now. It was actually scary for her, something told her that animals like her must have made all of this. She had never met anything that would make anything with such detail.

The girl walked for such a long time, not as long as the trip out of the forest, but still long. Finally, the girl came to a town. It was late at night so it was dark. The girl saw hundreds of boxes, some lit, others not. To the girl, everything made sense. She knew that the town must be full of creatures like her, because she understood the things she saw. She didn’t know what they were for but she recognized the way they were built. It was so… like her. It looked like something she was capable of if there were a thousand more of her.

She waited until the morning when the sun came up. Once she heard a noise, the girl hid out of natural instinct. She decided to stay hidden, it seemed safer that way. The girl watched the box she heard the noise from, and that’s when she saw it. The creature, it looked just like her. She knew it, and her heart felt something new. She didn’t feel alone anymore, she didn’t even know she had felt lonely before. She didn’t even know what lonely was. All she knew was she wanted to contact this creature. She knew she’d feel more for the creature and out of excitement jumped from where she was hiding. She couldn’t speak so she jumped around trying to get the persons attention.

The person was a man, a young man a little bit older than the girl. He froze when he saw the naked young girl flopping around before him. She didn’t even seem to notice she was naked. The man couldn’t help notice that she was beautiful. His heart raced in his chest, he was so nervous suddenly. He could tell she was confused so he brought her inside. The man was in awe of the girl. Never before had he seen somebody so beautiful, somebody that looked innocent like a baby, but wild like a party girl. He feared her though, he thought she must be insane, no clothes or words. She was like an alien, and she fell directly into his lap.

He asked her again and again. What is her name? Where is she from? Was she ok? Please say something?? She calmed down, and she stared at him.

He was wearing clothes, something else she had never seen. He even brought her a shirt, and helped her put it on. She didn’t like it and kept trying to take it off, but the man couldn’t concentrate on anything while she remained naked. He was so attracted to the forest girl. She was attracted to him too but she did not yet know it. He decided to have her stay at his house. He lived alone so it would be no problem.

Days went on and the girl grew accustomed to her new surroundings. The man took her shopping and provided her food. He showed her how to bathe, and other things that humans do. The girl grew to like these things. She liked the nice man, he even showed her new emotions like sadness, aggravation, and love. Human love.

As months went by, the girl learned English. The man would speak with her, and she caught on. She kept the words inside, thinking they sounded silly coming from her lips. She decided to finally speak. She said, “I come from forest. Never have I seen one like me. You are like me.” Then she asked, “but are you like me other me?”

The man didn’t understand, though he stood shocked that the girl had spoken. He was convinced she was a mute, but she spoke. Her words did sound silly, but her voice was silky and girly, just like he had imagined. “What?” is all he said.

The girl explained. “The creatures in the forest dance. It takes only two, and they have to be same. But they have to be different. They make new creatures to dance together, and the magic dance makes more and more. Do we dance?”

The man assumed she meant sex. He was hoping anyway. The man had fallen so in love with the girl. Everything she did, she did with an eagerness he never saw. He loved her for her innocence. He wanted this girl to be his. She was in many ways, but he craved more. She didn’t know that he thought about her at night. He would picture her soft golden body touching his. He would think of her scent and shiver. She had captured his mind, all of his goals and plans ended the day he met her. He didn’t care that she had no name or social grace, the man loved the girl. Plain and simple.

He answered her, “Yes. We do the magic dance, though we call in love making. It is the most wonderful feeling a human can feel. We do it to make more people in which we look after, but we also do it for ourselves. You see, love making feels very good. It’s best with someone you think is beautiful inside and out.”

The girl felt no shame, the man was surprised that the girl didn’t react to what he had said. He realized that her story made sense. This girl with no name or clothes had to come from the forest. It had to be true, there was nothing simple about her.

The girl asked the man if he could she her.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

Before she could answer he had already grabbed her and began kissing her whole body.Something inside her warmed and she instantlystarted to copy him. He kissed her neck, and she shyly kissed the samespot on themans neck. Hestartedkissing her tiny breasts,and held her tinywaste.A little whimper escaped from the girl that surprised him and her both. It was a beautiful sound.The girl suddenly transformed. She went from a shy little doe to a hungry beast. The feeling of intensity she felt, so new, was released and the man and the girl made love for the very first time. She loved it, and wantedmoreuntil the moment came. In only a few seconds the girlerupted.She felt asher body was weightless and she sighed, sighed and closed her eyes. At the sight of this, the man simply lost it. Not even a minutelater his moment came. They laid there, and he watched her sleep. The manfelt so lucky,such a beautiful young thingseemed to fall into his lap, and there was no way he was taking it for granted. He loved her more than anything.

The girl and the man lived together for a long time. He taught her so much so fast. She taught him too, he found a new peace that he had never known before. She taught him love and sparked his youth. He took some of her innocence, and she gave it to him. Before long they were balanced. He was better with her, happier. She wasn’t lonely anymore. The man decided they must give her a name.

"My name is Boa, and I love you. I want to call you Simplicity. That can be your name. There is no other word to describe you than simple, and that is why I love you. While everything you do is strange, you hold dearly only to the simplest things."

This could have been a thousand years ago, this could have been fifty years ago. What happened when it happened changed the world. On the day that a love was born so pure, something happened. Nobody saw or recorded it, but it happened. The moment Boa and Simplicity made love, the colors changed, even the darkness changed. Everything became more powerful. The sky was bluer, so was the sea. It was began in the cave, where the colors began to flow. The trees produced more fruit, the birds sang louder, and the wind blowing through the trees sounded like a choir of beautiful voices. The day that true love was made, was the day that life as we know it now became more than ever imagined before. Beauty was reborn.

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