Well... Shes kinda a hoe :P

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Now I ain't sayin she a gold digger,,,

Submitted: October 18, 2011

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Submitted: October 18, 2011



She asked him for a diamond ring!

In turn he gave her everything!

She said it wasn't good enough!

So he tried harder, he thought this was love!

She said she wanted a new car!

He said "NO! This has gone too far!"

She said "You're silly \"angel\"," and batted her eyes!

He crumbled right then and he bought her a ride!

She said "NO! You dick! I wanted a Beamer \"angry\"!"

He was getting fed up, he wanted to beat her!

But he didn't, he folded and bought her a plane!

She said, "You idiot! I wanted black, this is grey!

She went on and on of her petty requests...

And this tool of a man just continued these quests...

And then...

One day....

This sad man stopped.

He looked at his wallet and saw it was empty.

The girl caught a peak and she bailed in a heart beat.


The poor man so broken, lost for days, maybe weeks.

Forgetting to shower, shave, or eat.

Well this man decides to turn on the tv.

And i bet you'll guess who he sees.

None other than the women who took everything.

Arrested for hooking and stealing

The man was in awe, and relieved at the sight

But the good inside him kept him up all night

He went to the court house, and yes he brought bail

She accepted and left without a thank you or fair well


He gave and gave until he had nothing left

And she took and took till she had nothing left

But they both walked away with a lesson in hand

For him it's don't be such a pussy, man

For her,


she never learned her lesson.

Unfortunately she spend her days as a hoe...

So don't be gold diggin, or you'll wind up alone.

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