What I love about you.

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I hope that this piece will make you feel a little better about life.

Submitted: November 11, 2012

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Submitted: November 11, 2012



Slip slip slip

Fall asleep

Don’t chase me

I wont sleep unless we speak

Life for we if I am bleak

You see the world if I am sure the way I do

Obssesive seeking

Progressive blinking

Bullshit speaking

Passionate reeking

Fully passive and aggressively sinking

If I am bleak and you are thinking

The suction should be breaking

Our minds should not be tracing

Faking answers and always breaking

Building tunnels seems ground breaking

My mind and eyes are shaking

Hands are cold and sweaty

Arms are tired

Legs are wired

Stomach is empty

Hunger is fumbling

Mouth is closed

Thoughts are gone

My body is falling and landing

The questions tire before I do

And we sleep together when we are alone

After the questions are gone

After our body

After our mind

After we crumble and die

We can sleep

Now we can sleep

When we wake up, we wont be together

We will be you

You will forget me

You will walk away and your mind

Your eyes

Your hands

Your arms, legs

Your hunger

No longer defined by your stomach

Your mouth

And your mind.

You’re free

You can breath

Your lungs

Your blood

Your energy flows as one

We question nothing

The question goes away if you don’t ask

Don’t ask me

Don’t chase me

I don’t want to question

The question of life

Am I here?

Should I be here?

Will I ever not be here?
The question needs no answer

The answer is the question

The answer is not asking the question

The question is your perspective

Your answer is your perspective

The question is you

And when you lay with me tonight

Alone in your room

Asking why

What am I missing

You are missing the point

The point is clear

Be your body

Use you

Use your emotions

Your emotions are you

You are your emotions

Just as I am

Don’t be a sponge

Don’t be a fountain

Don’t be the word

But be your body

Love everybody’s bodies

We are tools

Tools of emotion

Tools of physical, actual, mathematical mass!

We are real!

We are equations leading to the same answers,

That we are human!

Life + Emotion = humanity and I am that!

And you are that too!

Every equation is different

Every step is another way

In the end we are the same

Living, feeling, thinking masses

We are important because we have a concept

The concept of importance

A human design

Just as beauty is

The question is only a question if you question it

So quit asking

Quit feeling bad for yourself

Quit feeling bad for me!


Celebrate that the question doesn’t NEED an answer!

Our freedom lies in our perspective!

We can all be free to live and enjoy

No more questions

No more questioning life and happiness

Question your actions

Question yourself and how you feel about you

There is no control, there is only direction

Find what makes you human

Take that and find what already makes you happy

Take that and be that!

You can be whatever you want to be

There is no fake you unless you don’t like you!

Be you!

Be happy!

Be alive!

Love you!

We are our closest friends,

And when we are misunderstood by the lives around us

The truth is that life understands

All of life that lives and dies

And feels.

It is a mutual understanding

That we are all the only ones who see our perspective

So stop hoping for the day you are completely understood!

Because you already are!


I can’t help it!

I can’t help you!

You can!

You can!

Stop questioning it!

Start loving it!

Love yourself!

Take care of yourself!

Love everybody the same, but acknowledge when you are being loved

It starts with a feeling

Spread you

Spread your joys

Spread your fascinations

Spread your honesty

Spread what is real to you

Because it is

Love those who hate you

Because hate is real too

When you hate, you are hate

So love to be love and to be loved

Be you

Think you

Love you






Nobody, everybody.

Remember it’s ok to slip

Slip, Slip, Slip

It is the only path to sleep

To fall and land in another morning

A morning unlike any other you’ve ever known

Just as you did yesterday

Just as you will tomorrow

I only hope

My only wish

Is that you feel good today

That you feel loved

That you love

That you recognize

That I think that you are beautiful

Your thoughts, your pain, your loneliness, and your release

It is beautiful

Being alive is beautiful

And I am so glad

So glad


To be here with you

I hope you’re glad to be with you too

© Copyright 2018 kirsten hall. All rights reserved.

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