When Monsters Meet

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What is that driving force that creates such hostile coincidence?

Submitted: March 20, 2012

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Submitted: March 20, 2012




When we met it seemed unreal

As if something else pushed us together

Ever since we met

Something inside of me has been pushing me to an edge

We hold so many demons

Our demons together deceive us

We hold close for so long

Bit by bit, their whispers tell us jump

They urge you to fall

To explode

To feel alone, and hopeless

We react together

In a way I’ve never known

As if there is a plan

That maybe our demons

Push us away to prevent us from being

Who we are together as one

We feel our demons push against our eyes

They get stuck in our throats

And they claw at our chests

We pray to wake up

For this torment to end

What is life worth?

Is it worth the trials we are handed every day?

The torturous clawing at our brains

The aching call deep in your heart

The one we ignore

The feeling that rests inside

The feeling that scares us

Because we don’t know what it is

A foreign object that we just can’t grasp

Those doubts whispered into our skin

The scars we pretend aren’t there

The scars that they will never see

I don’t know if it will be ok

But with you my dear

I feel like I’m so close to the truth

With you my love

I feel happiness just around the corner

I run in my mind!

I run away from everybody strait to you

That’s how it always is

Time can only move forward

Although hope sometimes seems so unreal

I just wonder

How could I meet you?

How could I feel so close to somebody that I never knew?

How can I feel something so real

You found me and accepted me

When I feel like this

Sleep will never come

And my dreams will turn on me

He will find me

And he will try to break me

I pray for light to come

I’m so afraid

That we’ve always had the same friend

Is fate only in god’s control?

Or is the other side in on it?

When I sleep tonight

If I do

I’ll be praying that your dreams

Don’t hurt you too

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