Your Dreams are Life

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It works for me, it will only work for you if you have an active imagination.

Submitted: November 13, 2011

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Submitted: November 13, 2011



Feed me your passion

Whisper the insanity

Tell me the things

That nobody wants to hear

Show me your pride

Be insecure

Pretend nothings wrong

If you stay sincere

Show me your love

Thrive off your hate

Question all things

Imagine life great

Imagine a world

One to coexist

Dreams become stories

Your mind is the gate

Pretend pain is gone

Pretend love is here

Amazing are the things

That become real

I have thought

And I have believed

And I have discovered

The key to success

Is the faith you feel

The passion

The emotion

The enduance

The strength

And the strategy

Use your mind

Your brain is your friend

We are all soldiers

Of fortune in the end

Make life yours

Some do, some don't

Limited is a word

For the unexposed


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