Blood Lilies

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
One man, one dark past. The only way to help him forget? He must kill his mother... again and again...

Submitted: August 02, 2013

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Submitted: August 02, 2013



Violin music filled the air with heavenly sounds as a beautiful young woman with hair like midnight, which fell in curls to her slender shoulders, and eyes like sparkling emeralds watched the handsome man with the instrument of which he was very familiar with. When the man was finished, the woman applauded enthusiastically, making her fair hands look like the fluttering wings of a humming bird. "That was absolutely marvelous, Henry! Are you sure you won't play at the college? I'm positive that Dean James would love your work." the woman said admiringly.

"Lily, I'm afraid that I am not much of a social person and would rather play my violin in private for the few friends I do have." Henry replied as he gently placed the violin in its case like a mother would place a newborn baby in a crib. Lily tsked and shook her head.

"Nonsense, you are a wonderful violin player. Everyone would love to hear your music and get to know you, if you would only let them." Lily stated as she tucked a stray curl behind her ear. Henry mulled this over in his mind for a few quiet moments.

"Would you like to learn how to play, Lily?" Henry asked. Lily looked at him with surprise clearly visible across her innocent face.

"I don't know, Henry. I am just a simple girl. I doubt I could play something as complex as a violin, also my father might get angry. He says I spend too much time here as it is. If I were to receive violin lessons from you, that would mean I would spend even more time here." Lily explained. Henry smiled softly.

"I understand your worries, but he wouldn't have to know. I could teach you during the time you're already here." Henry said as he took a seat on the couch beneath the grand window which over looked a busy street in the center of London. Lily smoothed out the skirts of her dress.

"My father knows everything, and what he doesn't know he finds out from people who do know." Lily said quietly. Suddenly, there was a knock on the front door so loud that it sounded like thunder. Henry was the first to recover his wits. He opened the door to find a rather angry looking red-haired man. If looks could kill, Henry would've been dead in an instant from the cold, murderous look in the man's dark green eyes.

"Hello, Alfred. What brings you to my humble home?" Henry said with a pleasant smile.

"I am here to collect my daughter. Lily, get your coat." Alfred called over Henry's shoulder. Lily grabbed her coat, which lay next to her, and walked past Henry out into the street. "Good day, Henry. Don't expect Lily to be visiting anytime soon." Alfred said with a tip of his hat. He hustled Lily to the waiting carriage. Henry blew out the breath he was holding as he watched the carriage disappeared down the street.

"So much for a pleasant afternoon..." Henry mused to himself as he closed the front door and returned to his study. He once again sat on the couch and ran a hand over his face. He looked around the darkening room. His gaze landed on a vase of snow white lilies...

"Henry! Go to your room this instant!" his mother screamed at him. Her golden hair was in chaos as she stood over the vase which he had accidently broken only moments before.

"Without dinner?" he asked quietly. Her pale blue eyes snapped in fury. She slapped him so hard that his head snapped to the side.

"Of course without dinner, you little brat. Now, get to your room!" she spat out. He turned and ran to his room crying. The tears hadn't slowed when his mother thought he had learned his lesson and allowed him to come out of his room the next night...

Henry shivered as the violent memory passed through his mind. He rubbed his stubble dusted cheek absently. Shadows filled the room as the sun set over the busy city. Henry suddenly stood and flung open the door to his bedroom. He quickly changed into a clean, smartly styled suit and grabbed his coat and hat. He went back into his study and walked to the fireplace. Sitting on the mantle was a small black box with intricate gold engravings of flowers and dragons. The box had been a gift from Lily when she returned from China with her father.

He opened the box and inside sat a small, silver blade, no bigger than a butter knife. He carefully lifted the blade out of the box as he had placed his violin in its case. Henry smiled as he ran his finger over the razor sharp blade. He was going to kill his mother...again. Tonight. As he passed by the table with the vase of lilies, he paused. He took one of the flowers, holding it aloft by its delicate stem and turned it in his fingers, studying it intently. He placed the lily gently in his pocket beside the blade that was already there. He put on his coat and hat and walked out into the hallway heading towards the front door.

"Sir, may I ask where you are going?" a voice said behind him. Henry turned to face his butler, Vincent.

"I am just going out for a drink. There's no need to have the cook make dinner. I'll eat at the club." Henry said smoothly.

"As you wish, sir." Vincent said before bowing slightly. He turned and left through a door that led to the dining room. Henry opened the front door and stepped out into the cool autumn night. He took a deep breath and smiled to himself.

"What a beautiful night..."

Hours later, he found himself in a crowded pub. He slowly sipped his scotch as he glanced around the room. Sitting in the corner by herself, was a woman with long golden hair and sharp, icy blue eyes. She wore a simple pale blush colored dress and sipped from a glass of what appeared to be wine. Henry motioned to the bartender to come closer. "Can you tell me who that woman is?" he asked the bartender.

"That's just Miss April. I'd be careful if I was you, lad. She bites." the man said with a crooked smile.

"Thank you." Henry said as he passed the man a five pound note.

"My pleasure, sir." the man said with his smile widening as he took the note. Henry rose from his seat and walked over to the woman.

"Excuse me, miss. May I join you?" he said politely. The woman looked Henry over as if to detect any defaults and flaws. Just like mother... Henry thought as he waited for an answer.

"You may, I guess." she said taking a sip from her glass. Henry sat opposite of her.

"My name is Henry. What might yours be, good lady?" he asked smiling slightly. He knew he would get an answer out of her. Women always fell for his charmingly good looks. Having dark hair, brown eyes, and being well dressed always made women gravitate towards him, even if he was just standing in the street.

"April. Are you married by any chance, Mr. Henry?" she said almost slyly. His smiled widened slightly. Women always asked him that question.

"I'm afraid not. But I am always on the lookout for a beautiful bride though." Henry mused, giving her a small wink. Her eyes widened a little.

"Excuse me for a moment." she said before getting up and rushing to the powder room.

Henry smiled to himself. "Perfect."

Sometime later, Henry had a very drunk April hanging onto his arm as he led her home. "Are you sure you're ok, Miss April?" he asked sounding worried even though he really wasn't. She waved the question away.

"Here we are." she hiccupped. She opened the door and stumbled inside with Henry following her. "What are you doing?" she asked. Something silver glinted in his hand. She saw the blade and tried to scream, but he was already behind her with his hand over her mouth. He dragged the blade across her throat and silenced her screams in a river of scarlet blood.

Once he was sure she was dead, he let go of the limp corpse and watched it drop to the ground like a dead weight. Then he set about doing his work. He undressed the body and washed all of the clothing. He wiped the blood up, cleaned the cut so only pale skin was visible. Dressed the body in a beautiful violet gown he found in the bedroom. He then laid the body out on the bed with the arms crossed over the chest, almost mummy like. He took out the lily and placed it on the folded hands before once again taking the blade to her.

This time, he carefully removed the cheeks from the once beautiful face. He went to the kitchen and started up the stove. He wandered about the kitchen, gathering random items. Mushrooms, seasonings, a plate, fork, and knife.

Once the cheeks and mushrooms were done, he sat down to enjoy the dish he made. He ate every bite and washed the dishes afterwards. Henry looked down at the state of his clothes and figured it wouldn't hurt to clean up a bit before heading home. He washed his clothes. While they were drying over the still hot stove, he bathed; making sure every bit of blood was washed off. Afterwards, he dressed, made sure everything was clean and no trace of him was left behind. He nodded his head and left without a final goodbye.

Sunlight shone through the window the next morning to illuminate the young lady that held a lily between her gracefully folded hands. The police were puzzled; there was no evidence of anyone else in the home. Everything was clean. They asked everyone they could. Neighbors, the bartender at the pub she frequented, even the little old bag lady that stood on the corner. They all gave the police the same answer. The woman lived alone and they never saw her with anyone else. She was one of the many women to die with some body part missing. A liver here, kidney there, and even the brain was missing from one body. They all looked alike. Blonde hair and blue eyes. There was one case where it was a tad different. Alfred Cornwall was the final victim in a long string of murders and his only child, Lily Cornwall, was missing, possibly taken by the murderer.

Sometime later they finally found out who killed the woman, but by then, no one could find Henry Ward. Some say he died, others say he simply moved on to the next city...

In the next few months, a young couple arrived in America. The woman was a beautiful young woman with blacker than black hair and expressive emerald eyes. The man was a perfect gentleman with dark hair and warm brown eyes.

The couple's names?

Lily and Henry Ward.

© Copyright 2020 Kirsten Tousignant. All rights reserved.

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