My Sad Love Story

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A poem written from a true life experience

Submitted: July 06, 2012

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Submitted: July 06, 2012




Haunted by shadows, he looks for light.

Blinded by pain, she looks for relief.

He searches high, she searches low.

Demons he sees, angels he wants.

Anger she feels, love she needs.

He found his light, she found her relief.

She his angel, he her love.

Music flowed from his heart, poetry from her soul.

In their chaotic world, they at last found harmony.

But confusion soon made its way into their perfect world.

She thought she found someone better suited for her and he lost his angel.

Pain and sorrow filled his soul as she walked away.

Everytime he saw her, he wore a mask that was carefully crafted.

She knew how much pain he felt, and tried to help.

He pushed her away and disappeared into the shadows.

After some time, she realized he was the only one for her.

She waited paitently for him to return.

Finally, he showed himself and she tried in vain to win his love back.

He didn't buy her story at first, but eventually his heart started beating for her again.

At last, they found peace that would last until they both soared away on the wings of a dove.

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