Doom is everyday

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Submitted: February 17, 2011

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Submitted: February 17, 2011



Dystopian Fiction Story April. 12 , 2110

It’s dark as it always is. Hard to remember what the sun ever looked like. So far there’s only ten of us I haven’t found my mother, father or sister yet. When it happened I was walking the dog at least I still have him . There’s 2 other families here and one other girl like me her names justice and she doesn’t know where her parents are either we play all the time and is just as sad as me so sometimes she just cries and wants to be alone like right now that‘s why I‘m writing I guess I have nothing else to do .We have been here for a week now in the old library 5 blocks from what use to be my house but that’s just black soot now It was the first place I went after the blast shuck the earth I ran as fast as I could but by the time I got there they were gone .

I don’t even know if there alive I’m scared. These people are nice though expect this one crazy man who predicted this all to happen were all afraid of him . He just sits in the corner of the room and draws weird symbols in every book he can find the weird thing is it’s all the same symbol. Anyway I won’t write anymore about him right now cause he’s watching me maybe he’s telepathic to and knows I’m writing about him. There’s a real nice family here but there bible thumpers there’s Jim and Helen Smith and there two children Bethany and Scott there sorta boring. Than there’s the Cripps there greedy and smelly and they swear a lot there names are Brock and Janet and they have one kid named Damien. But they should call him demon he’s also throwing things at me and trying to light books on fire. Janet isn’t to bad at all really I feel bad for her actually for having such a rotten husband and child sometimes Brock hits her if she makes him angry.

This place isn’t so bad but I wish I could find my family I miss them so much I feel bad for always bugging Stacey I hope she knows I love her anyways . I should have cleaned my room to like mom asked before I left . The grocery store is only half destroyed so what the animals haven’t got to we get to eat for now food is no problem but what happened when we run out ? . I don’t think we can plant anything around here . There’s something else I forgot to say and it’s because it’s what scares me the most I don’t even know what to call them .

There mutants they use to be like us but now their hungry always hungry . Ive seen A few out the windows late at night calling to the sky. Maybe there scared to and are wondering why they are the way they are now . I feel sad for them but John ( the crazy man ) says we can’t look at or talk to them. I don’t know why I seen one the other day when I was bringing in spot this one was about Stacey’s age and it’s ball rolled my way so I picked it up and handed it back to what looked like a little girl she smiled. Than she tried to say something but it wasn’t English so I couldn’t understand but I think she meant thank you so I smiled back and went inside as I turned around to look her again she was gone .

Oh I guess there’s something else I can say but I’m afraid to talk about it ever since that night I handed her back the ball I’ve been hearing strange things and seeing even stranger things . Like dreams but when I’m awake the last one really scared me it was so real . It was the girl and she was giggling an evil giggle and she held something in her hand it was dripping with blood what ever it was than she turned around and started running back into the black forest she came out of . I ran after her maybe the blood on her hand was her own I had to see if she was ok. But the farther I ran the more lost I felt . So I stopped to catch my breath just than she came up behind me and whispered something in my ear in that strange language I couldn’t understand and that’s how it ended . I was terrified but I don’t think I should tell anyone especially now with that crazy man here .

Bye for now Justin


April. 20 , 2110

Hey sorry I haven’t been able to write for awhile but things are getting messy around here last night Damien ran outside after him and hid dad got in a big fight I’m not to sure what it was about but Janet was crying real hard and just when I was coming down the stair case with Bethany and Scott we saw Brock grabbing Damien by his shirt and pushing him against the wall even though Broke is big intimating man with a height of 6’7 and weighing about 280 pounds . Damien stood firm and was challenging him and yelling “hit me than if you think your so tough” . We all just stood in awe as Helen and Jim came down to see what all the noise was.

Once Jim realized what was happening he ran down the staircase as fast as he could to try and break them up (which he did ) . As soon as they were apart Damien headed for the door without thinking twice his last words were “ to hell with ya to than” and that was that.

This was one of four fights we had witnessed since between those two in the short time we have been here together Damien usually needed time to cool off as did Brock soon Damien would be back inside and everything would be. But hours pasted and this was the first time one of these fights had taken place after dark .

Suddenly John came in with the look of satisfaction on his face. He had a wicked face with small ,dark ,beady eyes he wore thickly rimmed glasses and had two small patches of grey fluff on each side of his head . His nose had a strong bridge and was crooked he often flared his nostrils when he spoke about something he believed in . He was a frail man he could only weigh 120 pounds at the most . He had a pencil thin mouth so he always looked either upset or serious .

He said “ the boy is gone and we shouldn’t worry of him returning they’ve got him now. Even if he ever does come back they will call for him perhaps not out loud and he may not know what they are saying but he will follow”.

“I don’t understand .. Who will call for him?” said Janet .“Don’t you listen to that old fool you know the boy will come back when he’s hungry” . Brock barked to his wife. “ mark my words whatever comes back into this place won’t be your son he’ll be something much much worse”. With that John left the room and headed back up stairs to finish his symbol worshiping or whatever he does up there.

After that things seemed to calm down Janet wept at the window and Brock chugged his beer while Bethany and Scott read with there parents and justice sat in the far corner with her guitar in her arms humming a song I thought I liked once.

But all that didn’t seem important now because all I could think about was what John had said about them calling Damien even if he had come . Because in my dreams the girl was always calling to me and now that I think about it slowly but surely each dream ive had her calls get louder and much harder to wake from . Ever since that night the dreams won’t go away. I want so badly to ask John about it but I’m afraid what his answer will be.

I didn’t realize how late it was write when I can

Bye for now Justin


April. 27 , 2110

Hey it’s been like a week or something and Damein is still gone but even worse Brock left to . He wanted to go look for him the day after he ranaway and we haven’t seen him since than either . Janet just sits at the window all day and night weeping softly she won’t eat or sleep were all very worried about her well expect John but I don’t think he cares much for anyone not even himself.

Justice and I can’t stop thinking about what may have happened to them I think that girl got them I know there’s more just like her and I know they don’t feed on only animals I told Justice about my dreams I know I can trust her and she told me she’s seen me walk outside while I was sleeping and call to the moon and than run into the black forest. I didn’t believe her at first but the look on her face when she was telling me scared me more than anything.

All Bethany and Scott do is pray for them but what is that going to do yea pray to the invisible man in the sky that took my family away like he’s really someone you can count on in a time like this whatever ! .

More importantly tonight Justice and I are venturing off into the world of the unknown and going into the black forest to find Damien and Brock but before that we must confront John . I have a feeling he knows a lot more than everyone eles thinks.

If I never write again… I followed the call. Bye for now or forever Justin p.s were taking scout with us to.


To be continued …

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