An Hour's Ride to The Home

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This is about my very first cute crush, who was studying with me at Last year Of Graduation.

Submitted: September 27, 2012

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Submitted: September 27, 2012




It was 9.30 at night. We were about to leave from our friend’s home.  He said I will drop you. I am going from the same way. Though I was expecting him to ask me the same, still I said no I will go by my own. Then he said no I will not listen anything, it is too late, you should not go alone that far.

Those were really very best days of life, when he and I were studying in same college, in same class. Our roll numbers were also in sequence, I still remember, even after 4 years of graduation. His roll number was 132 and mine 131. Though there was huge gap between letters of our surnames. I always thought that must be God’s arrangement to make us together. He was too handsome and smart for the average girl like me. We both used to be very good friends for almost year and a half.

I was lost in thoughts about him, in the flashback of my memories. Come on get on the back sit he said while putting on his helmet. I alerted myself and sat at his backside. There were two bags between us. One was of him and another one was of mine. He was same as usual, in his looks and his behavior and in body language too. Simple and unique. He has got really very good dressing sense. I really liked him when I was in second year of my graduation. The way he talks, the way he walks. I didn’t know what was that, attraction, love or anything else?  But I never wanted to kiss him. I always just wanted to stare at him for hours and hours. It was like a dream that we were together for one hour, just he and me.

Sitting on the back side of the bike, only I can tell you how I was feeling. For second I just wanted to hug him. Kiss him on chicks, on his chest and on his neck from behind, but not on his lips. It was seemed like, he is so untouched and pure, if I would kiss him on lips, I might ruin his beauty.

He was riding bike at the average speed of 90 kilometers per hour. I wanted to hold him tight, in my thirsty arms. I don’t know he usually rides at this speed or he was doing that on purpose.  Was he also feeling same for me? Was he expecting me to hold him? He was talking with me on entire road, though he was riding fast. That was really felt like my dream came true. I was with my lovely crush ever.

I controlled myself, no he is my friend. I cannot think or feel like this about him. It’s not good. It is sin. I said in very low voice to him, I am sorry.

What did you say something? He asked me.

No it’s just nothing. I was talking to myself. I avoided the topic, which was about to come up about my feelings to him.

We are near my home, Drop here only. I will go from here, if anyone would see me with you at this time, bad rumors can spread across. I got down from the bike stood aside.

It was 10.45 at night. Roads were empty. Too much of silence was there. I started walking to my house. I wanted to hold him, hug him, but not in wrong way or not on purpose. What was that?

We were meeting after more that years’ time, after his mother’s death. He seems to be very lonely. Very much hurt. I felt like for a moment the he wanted to cry, and somewhere in his heart he was asking my shoulder to rest his head on it, or am I the one who got these kind of silly notions about him.

Don’t know when we will meet next time. But till then I will pass my days with these sweet memories of my lovely friend and my first crush, whom I could never confess my true feelings.

I didn’t realize when one hour got? But it seems like, we were together for years.

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