1972: The Shadow Behind The Flower

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: July 18, 2018

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Submitted: July 18, 2018




1972 The Shadow behind the flower.


The sun was shining,

The air tasted like ash,

A shining sun broke its way through the clouds.


A burst of energy rushed through me.

I found myself in a field,

The quiet was hauntin;

A cold breeze brushed by me.


The trees moved as if they whispered to each other.

Out of what it seemed like nothing,

Appeared my mother;

I waved at her..

She appeared terrified.


I called out for her, but even as I stepped towards her it felt as if she was growing further away from me.


A dark shadow appeared in front of her,

Her knees buckled and she fell to the floor in terror.


That is when.. I saw her die.

It plunged it’s sharp needle like knife inside her

She cried out, calling me..

Looking for me, begging for someone to save her.

Still she could not see me.



I blinked, pressed my eyes shut and whispered to myself “ This isn’t real”.

I could not believe this was happening.



I woke up to the sound of birds chirping and the sun beaming in.

I got up slowly, my head in awful pain.

I walked around the house searching for my mom and found her asleep in the living room with a book she had been reading laying flat on her chest.


Feeling confused, I decided to write it all down.

This was the second time I have a vision of her death.



I felt scared, a sense of hopelessness carried over me.


I had to do something,

I Feared she would die in real life..


First my father and now my mother.

What did these visions mean?

I paced until my mind felt warped with thoughts; I sat down to take a breath.


I began looking through my father’s things,

Hoping to find answers.


I found an old letter written to him. As I opened it, my fingers felt oddly warm..


I read aloud and there it was, The words were clear; I was cursed.


My father made a deal with a witch.

He did this so my mother could have a child, my father gave up his life for me. That was the deal; He crashed that day because the witch made it happen.


He would die when I was born, and she would take his soul.

The witch kept her promise but took more.. She cursed me.


She planted this in my head so that I would want to kill for her. This was just the beginning, her test.



This letter was an explanation to the events that were happening to me.

But why would she write a letter?

This was just one of her mind games.

At the end of the letter was odd writing, I read it. That was my mistake.


The paper burned and turned into ash in my hands.

I heard a terrifying echo of laughter.

I fainted, and woke to that very place that had been haunting me.


The field.

This is the place where I have seen my mother die.

She led me here to relive the events of my mother's death.  Attempting to show me something.


There she was,

I tried to call out for her but there was no sound; I tried to run, still my feet would not budge.

I was powerless to save her.


A dark shadow appeared in front of her.

The black figure transformed into a person with a long black cloak.


I tried to reach its attention and screamed one last time. “ What do you want, reveal yourself”

It looked over at me,


To my terrible surprise,

The monster that was haunting me in my visions this entire time;  the evil about to kill my mother

It was me.


It was my face staring back.

It smiled at me with a devilish grin.


I stumbled back and that’s when it took me. It took us.

I looked down and there it was, the dark sword in my hand.

I could feel the evil rising inside me.

My eyes darkened.

I could feel my soul fading away.

I tried to fight it, I heard my mother cry out for me

That’s all I needed, a small part me heard her.

 I took the witches knife and forced it into my stomach.


The witch screeched in pain, I felt the her tight grasp exiting my body.

She stumbled backward falling on the ground and broke into  small pieces until she was no more.


My mother rushed towards me holding me in her arms.

I looked at her and said “ I’m sorry”.

She teared up, and kissed me on my forehead, and replied
“We’re okay now”.



I swore to never use my power again, fearing that the witch would somehow come back to life and try to use me once more.

















© Copyright 2020 Kisha Diaz. All rights reserved.

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