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Submitted: August 30, 2018

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Submitted: August 30, 2018





Three wonderful girls danced around in the field.

Free and alive.

Three perfect, beautiful girls with open minds.

Emelia, Lillian and Faye.

They loved to dance, and wear beautiful gowns.

Impressing all the people of the town.

Emelia the oldest was the most beautiful of them all.

Lillian the clever one  and faye could serenade anyone with the sound of her voice.

Perfection, The young men would follow them.

The older women envied their youth and beauty.

Princesses; Daughters of King Harold and Queen Anna.

They had a little sister named Grace.

The bastard child, that was kept locked up in a room, the size of a closet.

Queen Anna kept her there, she hated the girl.

Grace had beautiful green eyes and her hair as white as snow.

The Queen was afraid the young girl would take the shine away from her beautiful daughters and so she locked her away from the world.


She was not aloud to wear pretty dresses nor dance with the sisters at the royal ball

She grew angry and vengeful; she began to see things that weren’t there.

Ultimately the girl went insane, killing one of the servants thinking it was the Queen.

They kept what happened quiet and blamed it on one of the other servants.

They kept Grace out of the public.

The oldest, Emelia, pitied her half sister and gave her a precious necklace she had in her closet.

It was silver, and round in the middle. It shined bright blue and lit up her eyes.

She thanked her sister, and went to sleep shortly after.




“ Dahlia, Dahlia, wake up, your father is here to see you and your mother."

 She woke, startled and confused; looking around as if she was in a new world.

A single tear drop fell and in that moment she realized it was all a dream. Her step sister Emelia walked in, giving her a journal with the details of her story, a detailed description of what why she was here and the story she'd been trying to convince everyone was true. She had been living in an insane asylum and she had been there for  seven years. Dahlia made up a person in her head. She thought she was Grace, the girl in a fairy tale she conjured up in her mind. The tears poured down her face, she quickly wiped them away. She’d been was two people in one body. Dahlia, the innocent and Grace the deranged. Worried, and affraid attempting to make the memories go away; she dove under the sheets and closed her eyes. Wishing this wasn't true. Next thing she knew, it was black again for Dahlia at least. Grace will be taking over now. This is her beginning, and Dahlia's end.


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