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Hello, I'm just doing something I have seen other writers try. Below is a small sample of stories that I am thinking of writing. As I can't work out which one to do first, maybe you can tell me which one sounds best.

Submitted: October 21, 2012

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Submitted: October 21, 2012



Book 1 - Gods Blood Pain

In this story a woman leaves her home with a single guard/guide. This will be the last year of her life as her family have known since her first birthday. One god put her own blood into the living child. This is going to make her wander the land facing a trial from each of the gods. By the end she will die in such agony, she will not know herself or those around her. 


Book 2 - The Lonely Queen

Imagine two lands seperated by a cliff so high that no one had ever scaled it. The people on top lived in utter peice, and in such a wonderous land until a being woke after countless centuries of deep sleep. It hunts down everyone, this is very easy for it as it can feel magic pulling it to them. When it feels no more it stepped off the cliff to start its hunt for what little magic there is in the lower lands. 

Petra, the last person of the upper land, hidden from all, denied her magic until the being was long gone, walks without death, without hope. She throws herself over the cliff praying for death to take her, to give her back to her people and family. When she reaches the bottom, she lives. now she wanders the land with sorrow eminating from her that no one could over look, but so is the being that will do anything to take her magic.


Book 3 - The Kings Witch

Everyone has been told the bed time stories of the witch/wizard that was so powerful that even the king became scared of them, so they were put to death. Well it's only a story. Isn't it? No one actually believes this kind of thing is real.

Cyndi is one who now fears she will be found out to be the one in the prophacy. She is after all able to use magic without training, she dreams of a place that is filled with magic and such wonders. Something in the school watches her, she can feel it. Suddenly people are being killed by an unknown force. She maybe needs to open her eyes and see the truth before it is too late. The lost times need to be remembered to stop the deaths that are happening.

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