I simply say to live it.

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Teenage Crime

Submitted: February 27, 2013

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Submitted: February 27, 2013



I'm always questioned how I'm going to live my life,

I simply say to live it.

To plan it out - every detail every magic moment

Is muted; when reality hits you with a curve ball.

Sends you back into your walls,

You so brutally busted out of

Took a stand and became a person of passion we loved

And lashed at them when they said we were wrong.

Now I always felt safe when I was holding your hand.

Oblivious to the fact that your mind was in your throat

So every thought was either released, choked

Or drowned by my hearts doubt - that anything we did wouldn't be true.

But my god, I loved you.

Or I loved myself when I was with you.

Feeling every warm touch, every sliding glance,

Every move made effortlessly as if it was meant to be.

So I'm too smart to say I'm done

That living my life has just begun but it's all mapped out

Taken down and given notes, on who and how to spend it.

On who should break your heart and what should mend it.

Because everyone has their own feelings

But no one feels what Im trying to find - I'm searching for a soul like mine

Who might like me, but regardless as I see this is my life

And I'm only going to do with it what I please.

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