Running Waters

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Planet Earth forever - Jo Blankenburg

Submitted: June 08, 2014

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Submitted: June 08, 2014



I miss you. 

Like a pathetic fool, like a part of me is gone no, like a chunk 

Ripped out before it was cold and now I'm cold with nothing but a few memories to keep me warm. 

I thought you would fade but slience rings your voice back so loud and clear I look around the emptiness for your body.

Your body, it always seemed to find mine

Your smile, it was always there as soon and your eyes looked at me. 

I was in love with all of you, with all of what you would be 

Because you were everything to me.

"BFFs forever"! 

"Tell me anything"

"Don't be scared... I promise I'll always be here" 

So I did. I shared. I told, I gave you my biggest secret my most feared thing of losing 

And you've kept your promise, not like I wished you would

You are here floating in my mind, spreading through my body to where I stick out my lips and kiss the air 

To where thinking about you for 5 minutes brings me a night filled of your face in my dreams 

To where I fucking want to scream at the world and you for doing this, for giving me this thing thats worse than cancer

yes, cancer takes your body, cancer kills you. 

But you took my heart, and now I'm left living without it. 

Living like a sad pathetic crazy person who sometimes wishes you would come around the corner and smile at me again.

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