You're Everything but Helpful

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Wont Stop - OneRepublic

Submitted: April 08, 2013

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Submitted: April 08, 2013



You're fluid

Breathless, effortless, surrounding my every spcae in my head with you.

Moving though my fingers and up around my neck.

Tracing lightly over my lips to my ears where you fill them with words.

And you fill me of fire - burning out of my bones.

The reaching and the longing is painful and I shutter.

And I gasp.

And you're gone.


You're concrete

Solid, strong, yet softer than water

And if I fall on to you I won't drown - but I'll hurt

Scraped and bleeding from your harshness - from your comfort.

Yet I still need you to stand up, to walk, to run

Where ever I go you lead me

And I follow

And we never stop.


You're string

thin, hard to cut loose, holds things together

Or holds me back.

You wrap around me and pull tight

cutting off blood and air when I struggle away from you

You cover me, you trip me

Because of you I can't catch myself so I fall

And I lay in your embrace

And I cry.

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