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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Sequel to "Superman Stole My Panties"

Table of Contents


Sequel to "Superman Stole My Panties" Read Chapter

Just A Dream

The cool air kissed my skin lightly as I made my way into my house from work. Smells of flowers and dew greeted my nose teasingly. I inha... Read Chapter

“What’s stuck up your ass?” My lab partner snapped. I glanced up from the paper I had been filling up, giving her a disgruntled... Read Chapter


“Shut up, Avery!” Tyler hushed as we stumbled back into my house. I giggled, covering my mouth with my hand. He wrapped an a... Read Chapter

Four o’clock rolled around, and my grandmother woke me up from my nap. My head felt considerably better than earlier, but my throat ach... Read Chapter

We Are Young

  “Ugh,” My bed bounced as a heavy body collapsed onto it next to me. I folded the corner of the page I was on, closin... Read Chapter


I wouldn’t have known it was morning, save for the fact that we had slept for quite a few hours. As I opened my eyes, they landed o... Read Chapter

Paper Heart

“Seriously?” I asked, trying to hold back giggles. Peter shrugged casually, his cheeks lighting up slightly, “What can I say? I... Read Chapter

Safe & Sound

I swallowed nervously, my eyes darting to the cash register before me. My heart palpitated furiously in my chest, and I could feel my pal... Read Chapter

“Alright, I don’t understand.” I shook my head softly, staring at the sheet of paper before me. Peter chuckled next to me, pointing... Read Chapter

“What are you planning to do tonight?” Tyler asked as I entered my room from the bathroom. My grandmother had passed out on her bed a... Read Chapter

“Hey,” Peter said as he took a seat next to me in Physics class. I greeted him with a smile as I continued to scribble down the notes... Read Chapter

  The next few days passed quickly. Tyler visited a few times before I went to sleep, but judging by the bags underneath his... Read Chapter

The ceramic mug was warm against my hands as I cupped it tightly. One leg crossed atop another, I sat with my back against a padded cushi... Read Chapter