And You Wonder Why No-One Likes You?

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A List Of Things We Think Suck.

Submitted: August 25, 2010

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Submitted: August 25, 2010



And You Wonder Why No-One Likes You?
[ By Aris]
Okay Let’s Face It; No-One Really Likes Posers. I Couldn't Care Less Your Life Is Spiralling Into A Black Abyss Neither Do I Care About How Much You Want To Kill Yourself; If You're Going To Do It, Hurry Up And Stop Filling My Home-Page With Your Dramatic Fuck-Ups And Pleading Equally Poser Friends. I Completely Understand Why You Feel The Need To Cut Your Wrists Out Over Your Imaginary Friend Dying; But Can I Not Have Your Life Story Pasted Over Status After Pointless Status?
Don’t Be Like Nico Vanity, Please, And Keep Your Life To Yourself.
Being Ugly
[ By Paige ]
Sorry to say this, Sweetheart, but your ugly. Yeah, we know that people can't judge on what others look like; but it sure does help if you’re pretty, at least a little bit. None of us would mind so much if you wore make-up or something, at least try to anyway. You know; foundation, blusher etc... It's really not that hard ? I mean, plastic surgery wouldn’t be so bad, either, if you look anything like Paris Hilton...
Strangely Gay
[ By Aris ]
Okay; Personally, I Love The Fuck Out Of Gays, And So Do My Good Friends.  But You; You’re Weird. I Get Your Gay; Gays Are Nice People But.... There Is Something Wrong About Reading Gay Erotica And Turning Your Best-friend Bi-Sexual By Giving Him A Blowjob. Sorry To Break It You; It Really Doesn't Help If Your Under 16; It's Weird, Frankly, And You Scare Me. I Love Gays Usually, But I Meet People Like You And...Well.
I Find Myself Thank-Full I’m Straight.
Personal Hygiene
[ By Paige ]
Okay, I honestly don't care much if you have a shower every two days, but leaving it a week? Not washing your face? Or your hair? I'm sorry; but it grosses people out. Seeing your hair greasy like that, reminds me of chips, a big pan of fat, greasy chips. I'm not sure about other people; but it does, sorry. You smell; sorry but you do. After a week of no washing/bathing/showering, you start to wreak. No wonder you never get a boy/girlfriend; At least a little bit of personal hygiene would be nice every once in a while. And no washing your face? I understand that you have a lot of spots it could even be acne, but at least TRY and do something about it. I don't know where to look if you have so many spots on your face. Maybe like, wash it daily? With soap? It doesn't even have to be some special shop brought stuff, just wash it, please. We Beg You.
Being A Slag
[ By Paige ]
We all know that you want to make yourself look pretty, or be noticed... But Darling' dressing yourself up with TONS of make-up and reapplying it every five seconds will only make people think you’re a slag. That and the clothes you wear; could they get anything shorter? And you wonder why you get used, don't blame us next time you end up heartbroken; not our fault that you fall in love with some guy that’s only interested in getting into your pants, even though it’s not going to love. Wear more clothing; something less revealing, a little less make-up. A Boom; you MAY actually look like a normal person. Oh and please; we don't want to know how many guys you've slept with, how many STD's that you have, it's not very interesting. It just disgusts people.
Please, Take This All To Heart If You Recognise Any Of These Traits In Yourself.
- Aris

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