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Chocolate is dying!

Submitted: March 12, 2013

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Submitted: March 12, 2013



Okay, so I've had some time to think about the looming chocolate crisis and I may have a way to buy some more time with our sweet, delicious friend. It traces back to an initial thoughtI had back on that day in the summer of 2012 where I was first given the news:

"Hey, you hear about what's happening with chocolate? They're saying the world is consuming so much of it that they can't keep up with the demands and probably never will be able to. They say by 2080 there may not be any cocoa left in the entire world."

It was like being hit in the stomach with a sack of chocolate logs. The world was running out of cocoa?! This was a disaster! I immediately expected there to be an international team of scientists working frantically to ensure humanity would never be without this beloved plant.

Imagine, children growing up without the sound of little milk chocolate balls hitting the bottom of their Halloween bag. No Hershey's Kisses to exchange on Valentine's Day. And that game-changing discovery of the flavour which can only come from peanut butter meeting chocolate, gone. What was once a delicacy and now a commoditywas in real danger of becoming extinct. My brain went into Survivingan Apocalypse mode:

Cut the small stuff. Take only what's necessary.

A simple sacrifice, really. If cocoa plants are decreasing faster than the rate at which theycan reproduce, why are we still making shitty dollar store chocolate? You know the ones, the 2-for-1 no name bars that add nothing to your day. I really don't think anyonewould cry if we got rid of those andre-routed the ingredients to slightly finer pieces, like Lindt's dark chocolateblock with chilior Guylian's classic seashells. I'm afraid there isn't room for all forms of chocolate in the near desolate future. I know I'll miss instanthot chocolate, but I'd much rather know I'll still be able to have a cake with dark chocolate ganache filling for my birthday.

Adapt to a harsh new reality

We have come to a point of no return. Farmers aren't getting any more land to plant more crops and that's never going to change so we can never have more product than we do right now.To this I propose the idea ofno more "just because" purchases. That mini aisle alongside the conveyor belt at the grocery store checkout which holds all sorts of brightly packaged chocolate? That would be my first casualty on an instinct to help cocoa stay alive for one more day. By slowing demands down the strain on farmersis lifted just enough to make some breathing room. I'm thinking at least another two hundred years of it.

Leave a legacy behind.

We know that cocoa even has health benefits such as a high level of anti-oxidants found in dark chocolate (70% or higher). Village leaders in the Amazon usedthe leaves for healing and immunity purposes. These are great earthly facts that should be preserved and handed down to the following generations to benefit from.Wemay have killed the electric car but I'll be damned if we take chocolate down with us, too!

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