Blood Red Kiss Calamity

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
You know of Dante, know you meet Calamity, one of three main charactors in Blood Red Kiss.

Submitted: December 01, 2011

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Submitted: December 01, 2011



Calamity sneaks out of the house to go to the forest, where she worships the dark mother Dadrea. Amoung her are three other night worshipers. Calamity nods to them as she goes to the grave of Dadrea.

"Night mother, here our cries. We worship you."  Clamity and the others uttter.

"What does thou wish from thy?" Dadrea says from inside the night world.

"We wish to worship." Calamity and the others utter.

"Who do you offer as mate for the next vampire?" Dadrea says, floating out of the ground. Her black dress doesn't look a day old and her beautiful face has become pale as a ghost. Pale as a vampire.

"Calamity, your turn. You are the oldest of us." The youngest other, about 14, says nudging her.

"I, my dear queen." Calamity says, kneeling before the night mother.

"Ah, dear Calamity. I have been waiting. It is finally your turn." Dadrea say, leaning against her grave.

"O unholy Night Mother, who is thy mate?" Calamity says, bowing before Dadrea.

"A vampire named Dante. He shall suit my beautiful servent well." Dadrea says, brushing her soft hands against Calamity's face.

"Yes, O Unholy Night Mother, Queen Of The Vampires." They all utter. Dadrea gives an evil laugh and disappers.

"Calamity, you are lucky. I have heard of Dante, and seen him in books." The new oldest Worshiper says.

"I know. I guess I got lucky. Worship the night mother well and she might give you a good one." Calamity says.

Calamity sneaks back into the house, looking at each picture. She stops and each one, brushing it lightly with her fingers and smiling. She stops at her first birthday one. Her parents looked so happy and she looked so young and gay. Calamity goes upstairs, awaiting for Dante to come.

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