Blood Red Kiss Dadrea

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You know Dante and Calamity, but what of Dadrea. She is a very important charactor in the book.

Submitted: December 01, 2011

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Submitted: December 01, 2011



Dadrea sits on the floor of her chamber, feasting on some AB+ from her holy grail.

"Dante, please come in here!" Dadrea calls out.

"What?" Dante asks, drying his hair from a shower. He has his pj pants on.

"My worshipers called and it is a girl named Calamity's turn. Watch her for she is your mate." Dadrea says.

"What?!" Dante asks.

"You heard me. Do you need some blood?" Dadrea asks, holding her cup out to him.

"No, I shall, but I am in my pj pants!" Dante says, indicating his black and skulls pj's.

"She is very lucky to have you!" Dadrea laughs.

"Fine, I'll go get dressed." Dante groans, leaving the room.

Dadrea looks in a mirror. "Show me thy worshiper Calamity. She sees Calamity asleep on the window still, waiting for Dante. Her white dress lays spread out around her.

Dadrea goes to her lush bed and remembers her time of ruling. And her mother from so long ago. The first day, nobody listened to her but know they feared her. She could make a vampire burst into flames and kill them slowly over thousands of years. People feared her and that was good. She had human servants that allowed her to feed off of them. They where low worshipers, not able to be beautiful  mates for her army. She craved beauty around her so she never saved an ugly. Ugly worshippers where to be feed upon, still serving Dadrea. She was a hard queen, but being bad had to be good sometimes. Espically when she lured men into her layer to help her give birth to children.

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