Blood Red Kiss- Dante

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This is about Dante.

Submitted: November 30, 2011

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Submitted: November 30, 2011



Dante stays hidden in the shadows, waiting for the perfect human. He takes a whiff of O+, his favorite. On the sidewalk is a woman. Dante sneaks behind her.

"Miss, would you come with me?" Dante says. The woman turns, her blue eyes looking in to Dante's red ones.

"Sure." She says, not even hesitating. Score for charms.

 Dante leads her to the forest and sinks his teeth into her flesh. Her blood fills his mouth.

"What are you doing?" She says, trying to push him away.

"I need blood in order to live nad you just where in the wrong place ant the wrong time." Dante says after she dies. He desposes of her body and sinks into the ground to his chambers. He lays down on his bed and goes into a coma, or rest as humans say.

It is the day that DAnte turns a new life. He is slinking home from the bar, his knuckles full of blood. Some guy started to punch him and Dante smashed his head in. He walks past the conor of Maine and Stark. A man grabs him and drags him to the forest. The man feasts on his blood. Like Dante's victim, he asked what you are doing. It is just Dante was luckier. Dadrea came and saved his, killing the other vampire to drink apon. Dante was in peril when she came at him, fangs barred.

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