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So, you're back, huh. Yeah, I would think you would come back to me, kissing my feet. It's to late, not even a letter or e-mail. How sad for you, and me. Oh, so sad. Leave me be...

Submitted: January 12, 2012

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Submitted: January 12, 2012



I'm just the girl walkin down the street

I"m just enjoying my own beat

You show up after two years of being gone

Just after I'm over you

And now you want me back

Oh yes, you want the ole days

I go home and sob because it pains me so

To see your handsome face after so long

So, hey you

Why you hurtin my heart, messing with my love

It's been bruised and sealed shut

No, don't grab a crowbar

Don't grab some c-4

My heart is sealed until futhermore.

Leave me be.......

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