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Submitted: November 03, 2011

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Submitted: November 03, 2011



This is the tale of me. I am Tab. I have the world's biggest crush on my mom's best friend's oldest son. He is my age, my grade, my friend. We know everything about eachother. From favorite food to worst nightmare. It is just he doesn't know my biggest secret. I love him.


Tab Colwell

Black hair, brown eyes, overbite, crooked teeth, bigish nose, lazy eye, big pouty lips, black clothing, big feet, long fingers, pale, purple glasses, needs bifocals, 14

Weak, loves writing, loves cat, moonlight, enjoys pizza that is cheese

Hopes to be a writer

Bravo Beshen

Brown hair, brown eyes, strong jaw, white straigt teeth, nice nose, loves camo, wears pants year-round, 14

Strong, plays games, loves dogs, enjoys pizza

Wants to be game designer

Naughty the Cat

orange/white, gold eyes, 15 inch tail, big ears, fat

Sleeps alot, protects Tab, likes tuna, plays with dogs

Wants to sleep on tree


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