Maiden Fair & Prince Charming

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A play dedicated to my dying dreams.

Submitted: December 14, 2011

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Submitted: December 14, 2011



This is the tale of the lonely maiden. She is a plain girl of 14. Her hair is a brown, falling around her back. Her eyes are a chocolate brown. Her face is a fair tone with her cheeks in a red hue, looking as if she is always embaressed. She is tall, with rather long legs. Her days are filled with daydreaming about Prince Charming, a shy 14 year old boy who's hair is a fine shade of brown also with brown eyes. He is just a bit taller the maiden. Her nights are filled with balls and grand dinners. This is her story.


We are in the princess's bedroom. A cat lays on a chair purring. Her bed sits in the center of the room and a window is there. The princess is looking out the window at the beautiful layout of the castle's garden.

Gwenivior: *sighs* Kitten, why must I wait here in my room. Can't I go outside and enjoy the sunlight? Just like my sister, Hiedi?

Kitten: *looks up sleeply* Meow?

Gwenivior: *looks at Kitten* You're no help.

Kitten: *rolls onto belly* Mer.

Gwenivior: *a bit angry* Well, if you want to be a pain, go ahead.

A sharp knock on the door startles Gwenivior. In enters a man dressed in robes of velvet wearing a fine crown. his hair is greying and he has a slight beard growning on his chin.

King: *walks to Gwenivior with his hands out* Ah, my dear daughter! A man is here to wed you! He is very fine, from a neighboring kingdom!

Gwenivior: *rushes to father excited* Is it Prince Charming?

King: *shakes head* Nay, he is still out helping.

Gwenivior: *sighs sadly* Aye. Who is this man?

King: Prince Rubert.

Gwenivior: *hands to face* No! He is almost 50! I refuse to come down! I hate him!

King: Dear, you must come down to meet him.

Gwenivior: *shakes head* No, no, no, no, no, no, no! He is old and I don't want to make love with a old turd! It will feel weird!

King: *rubs head and with a sharp tone* You will come down! I am your father and you will do as I say!

The king storms out of the room, slaming the wooden door behind him. Gwenivior tosses herself to her bed and sobs. A maid comes in. The maid looks like Gwenivior. The two are friends. The only way one could tell the two apart is the beauty mark on the maid's cheek, hidden behind makeup.

Dehe: *quitely* Princess? I am here to dress you.

Gwenivior: *tears running down cheeks* Fine. Father wants me down. Dehe?

Dehe: Yes?

Gwenivior:*begs*Could you go down for me? Please? I wish not to wed this foul man. Please be your worst!

Dehe: *sighs* Yes, princess. But you must take my place.

Gwenivior: *a bit happy* Thank you Dehe! You are the best friend a girl could ask for.

Dehe: *blushing happily* Thanks princess.

Dehe undresses Gwenivior and dresses her in her own maid's clothingbehind a screen.Gwenivior gives the maid her planned clothing and dresses her. The two step out and it was hard to tell the diffrence between the two.

Dehe: *fingers dress* I look like you. This is the last time I save yer arse!

Gwenivior: *laughs* You said that last time. And the time before that. And the time before that!

Dehe: *blushes* Aye, I did. But I'm serious this time!

Gwenivior: *giggles* Dehe? You have a bit of a problem.

Dehe: *confused* What?

Gwenivior: *indecates belly* Yer showing. Just a bit.

Dehe: *blushes* Ye gads I am! Don't tell anybody!

Gwenivior: Who's the dad?

Dehe: *looks down* That's a good question.

Gwenivior: Well, who did you last?

Dehe: My husband, Jake

Gwenivior: *blushes* I wish I had a man.

Dehe: He is my husband cause he loves me.

Gwenivior: *startled* When?

Dehe: Last week.

Gwenivior: Oh.

Dehe: Yeah.

The butler enters. He looks at Gwenivior

Butler: Erhm, Miss Dehe, you must leave. Princess must go to dinner.

Dehe goes out with the butler and Gwenivior went to the Dehe's courters to sleep. Jake, the horse man, was there.

Jake: Hello honey.

Gwenivior: I'm not Dehe. We switched. I am napping.

Jake: *laughs* Dehe, I know it is you. Let me cuddle you, my poor wife.

Gwenivior: No. I am Gwenivior. Dehe is eating dinner with that damn lord.

Jake: *blushes* Oh! Sorry princess.

Gwenivior: Get out so I can sleep. Lightneing needs to be brushed. I ran away from a wolf and we got into a mud pit.

Jake: Okay. I will be back, and if you are here I will kick you out!

Gwenivor: Aye, begone with ye!

Jake bows and leaves. Night falls and Gwenivior is called to her room. Dehe sits on Gwenivior's bed, waiting.

Dehe: Dinner was horrid. That man kept tring totouch my bossom!

Gwenivior: *chuckles* You are going to have a very long night.

Dehe: Why?

Gwenivior: The house maid spilled mud on your floor.

Dehe: Oh.

Gwenivior: *undresses Dehe and changes to night gown* I am waiting for Charming.

Dehe: Charming, charming!

Gwenivior: *giggles* You're so blonde!

Dehe: *giggles* Hey, if I'm blonde so are you!

Gwenivior: No, I'm not!

Dehe: I best go. Jake will be mad if I am late to make him supper.

Gwenivior: See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya!

Dehe gives a last giggle and leaves. Gwenivior walks toher bed.

Gwenivior: Oh, where art thou.

A lous tap at the glass scares Gwenivior. She rushes over.

A voice: *whispers* Gwenivior? Are you awake?

Gwenivior: *still scared* Who be out there? Tapping on my window late at night.

A boy steps out of the shadows of the garden. Gwenivior knows who he is.

Charming: Tis I, my fair lady!

Gwenivior: I'll be down in a minute.

Charming: I await your arivel.

Act 2

We know enter the garden. The roses are in bloom and the fountian trinkles lightly. The fireflies light the garden. A white horse sits in the forest, eating grass. Charming sits on a tree, eating an apple.

Gwenivior: *runs to Charming* You are home!

Charming: *tosses apple to horse and jumps down* Aye, I am. I just am passing thru to my kingdom. I thought maybe you needed to see me first.

Gwenivior: *blushes* You be to kind.

Charming: So, how's the old man?

Gwenivior: He tried to marry me off. Twice. Again.

Charming: *chuckles* Aye, he just wants you happy. Why marry you off to a stranger thu, I can't say. Why not a family friend?

Gwenivior: My point exactly!

Charming: He's known me since we where in dipairs.

Gwenivior: Aye.

Charming: And he knows my family is rather weathy! And you and I are friends.

Gwenivior: What do you propose?

Charming: I say we run away to a new area to be our kingdom.

Gwenivior: What? Why?

Charming: He wants you not to wed me, but I say we should. Be ready in one year. I shall have our castle and town built. With people.

Gwenivior: You would do that for me?

Charming: *winks* I would die for you.

King: Gwenivior? I know you're out there! Get in here!

Charming: *runs to horse* I shall be back!

Charming hops on horse and rides away. Gwenivior is dragged in by King.

King: *red in face* What the hell where you doing? That man wanted to wed you and you slap him?

Gwenivior: *silently chuckles* Aye, he was touching my bossom.

King: Go to bed!

Gwenivior goes to her room and brushes her hair, humming to herself. She then goes to sleep. Kitten curls up on bed, purring.

Act 3

Gwenivior awakes to a new dawn. Light filters thru her window. Dehe walks in.

Dehe: King yelled loud at ye.

Gwenivior: *not paying attention* Yeah.

Dehe: What's wrong?

Gwenivior: *dreamly* Nothing.

Dehe: No, someting's up.

Gwenivior: *walks to window* Nothing.

Dehe: Well, fine. You must be dressed. Your father and mother's friends are here.

Gwenivior: *rushes to Dehe* King John and Queen Peg?

Dehe: *startled* Yes, why.

Gwenivior: *beaming* Dress me in my finest!

Dehe: *confused* Okay?

Dehe dresses Gwenivior behind the screen in her finest clothing. Dehe is still confused. A bang at the door alerts Dehe.

Butler: Princess, your father wishes you to be downstairs.

Dehe: See ya Princess!

Gwenivior: *happily* Let's go!

Act 4

The butler and Gwenivior enter the dining hall. The long wodden table has a velvet cloth on it. Roast duck and desserts are on golden plates. Forks, spoons, and knifes lay out along with goblets. Charming rises, dressed in very fine clothing compared to what Gwenivior saw him in last.

King: Butler, you are dismissed.

Butler: *leaving* Good day, m'lord

King: Gwenivior, Prince Charming has returned.

Charming: *twinkle in eyes* Hello Gwenivior, nice to see you after so long.

Gwenivior: Nice to see you too.

King: Well, John. We have some catching up to do.

Queen: As do we, Peg.

The king and queen leave with John and Peg. Gwenivior and Charming remain.

Gwenivior: *blushes* So, how are you?

Charming: Well, my dear.

Gwenivior: Do you want to walk?

Charming: No, are you not hungry. I heard that you and Dehe switched.

Gwenivior: Yes, I am. My father was mad at me for what Dehe did.

Charming: What did she do?

Gwenivior: *sitting and sips water* Sheslapped the man.

Charming: *sits and chuckles* That wouldn't suprise me.

Gwenivior: He was touching her bossom!

Charming: What? That, beast!

Gwenivior: He deserved what her got, the old man.

Charming: How old?

Gwenivior: 50.

Charming: What the hell is wrong with your dad?

Gwenivior: No idea.

Charming: *leans in* My poor dear.

Gwenivior: *pulls away* Not here, our parents are just a few feet away.

The king and queen return.

King: Gwenivior, I hear from John that Charming has taken a liking to you.

Peg: *leans to Gwenivior and whispers* Do you like Charming? I heard you where the first he saw when he got back.

Gwenivior: *looks at Charming* I have to think. *dashes to room*

Act 5

Gwenivior bursts into to room and sits, looking out the window.

Gwenivior: *to cat* Kitten, I am going to wed him!

Dehe: *walks in* Gwenivior? What happened?

Gwenivior: Last night, Charming came to see me. He just got back and now I am going to wed him!

Dehe: That's good!

Gwenivior: *crys into Dehe's sholder* I know!

Dehe: *pat's Gwenivior's back* Don't worry!

Charming, the king, the queen, John and Peg enter.

Charming: Gwenivior? Are you okay?

Gwenivior: *dabs eyes* Yes, I'm just going to miss Dehe.

Charming: *twinkle in eyes* She and Jake can come with. Dehe, do you want to?

Dehe: I will, cause I'm not gonna let my best pal be alone.

Charming: Gwenivior?

Gwenivior: Yeah. No! *giggles*

Charming: *stunned* You got to be kidding me.

Gwenivior: I am. *hugs Charming*

King: The wedding will be in one year's time. Charming, go get land so my Gwenivior has a good home.

Charming: Yes sir!

Gwenivior: Charming? *hugs Charming* When shall thou be home?

Charming: *kisses Gwenivior's head* One years time, my love.

Gwenivior: Good-bye.

Charming leaves the room. We hear the sound of a horse nickering, then galloping off. John and Peg leave. Then the king and queen.

Dehe: Well, Gwenivior, we have work to do.

Gwenivior: Yeah, we do. Dehe? How is marigge? Is it good?

Dehe: *blushes* It's nice to have a man who loves you.

Gwenivior: That's all you have to say?

Dehe: Aye, the rest you will find out.

Gwenivior: *sighs* Fine. Off with ye!

Dehe bows and leaves the room, to leave Gwenivior alone with her thoughts.

Act 6

It is one year later. Gwenivior is dressed in her wedding whites. Dehe rides with her to the new kingdom. In Dehe's lap is a baby girl named Gwenivior. She sleeps in a white dress that Dehe has sewn. Jake sleeps next to Dehe, snoring. Acrost from Gwenivior is the king and queen. In a seprate carrage is John and Peg. In the carrages behind them is the guests from everywhere. You hear wheels rolling, galloping, nickering, and the swish of the horses' tails.

Queen: Gwenivior? Are you ready?

Gwenivior: Yes, I've been ready all my life.

King: Well, you finally wed. That's good.

Gwenivior: I can't wait to finally marry my best friend.

Dehe: *holds fussy baby* Do you want to hold her? She's a bit fussy and wants to see her auntie.

Gwenivior: *takes little baby* Sue. Hi baby Gwen! Can you say auntie?

Dehe: *eyes flutter closed* I'm so tired. *yawns and falls asleep*

Gwenivior: *stokes Kitten's head* Kit-kat. You get some sleep too. *yawns*

King: *yawns* I am tired.

Queen: *yawns* Yeah, I just can't stay awake.

Everybody in the carrage falls asleep. The carrage is looted and everybody is killed. Or are they?

Gwen: *cries* Waaaaaaaaaa!

Gwenivior: *eyes open* Baby Gwen? Kitten? Mom? Dad? Dehe? Jake?

Gwenivior's eyes ajust to the light. All around her is fire, boards, dead bodys, and dead horses. To her left her parents are lying dead in a pool of their own blood. To her right Dehe, Jake, Kitten and Baby Gwen lay in blood. Baby Gwen is fussing and Kitten is licking blood of her forehead. Gwenivior's white dress is soaked in blood.

Baby Gwen: Aunaun! *points at Gwenivior*

Gwenivior: *rushes to Baby Gwen and picks her and Kitten up.* Baby! You're okay. But they aren't. *looks at lifeless bodies*

Baby Gwen: Momma. *eyes tear up*

Gwenivior: We gotta keep moving. We have to. Only a few hundrad miles to home.

Baby Gwen: *cries* Momma go bye-bye.

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