Poetry: Solo Girl

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Submitted: December 08, 2011

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Submitted: December 08, 2011



Sitting on the log

Hidden in the bog

Sits the dappled frog

Hidding from the dog


Hiding behind my mask

Hoping not to be seen

Sipping my soda from my flask

Some people are just so mean

Hoping to bask

Not having to worry about people teasing me for being lean

Loving the life till the last

Hiding behind my mask


My mask hides my somber face

You and you can't see my tear stained face


My maskara runs down my cheeks

And when my mask breaks

Someday when my mask breaks

Killing and death will come to me


Masks hide us

Away from the pain

Some wear them to hide sadness

Kan I hide my face too?


Sadness strikes down me

And I can't move on

Draging my cement feet

Never ending darkness

Even if you carry me

Sadness will strike me down

Slaping my face with it's sad beating


Love keeps up together

U and I are better

Can we start over

Kiss me tenderly

You make me happy


Are you awake

Red Rover asks

Ellen answeres


Yeah, what's wrong

Our mother has not kissed us to sleep

Under the warm stars


Sleep brother Ellen says back

Love will create a vortex

Everlasting sleep

Eternal rest

Please go to sleep

In the morn, we will wake

Now go to sleep

Go to sleep




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