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Mrs. Clark had us do a quote page, I think you all might like it.

Submitted: December 05, 2011

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Submitted: December 05, 2011




Quote Page

Quote: Imagine yourself in their shoes

Tabbetha Colwell




My friend Ione and I are sitting on the side of the road, eating green apples. A man carries a board and stands in the middle of the grass at the freeway. He puts on the board. The board says the end of the world is nay.

“Look at that man! The world isn't going to end soon!” Ione says, pointing and laughing at the man.

“Hey, he is just a poor man who is probably crazy. Imagine yourself in his shoes!” I say in defense of the poor man, ranting at passing cars.

“I don't wanna put on some old hobo's shoes! Eww!” Ione says, plugging her nose.

“No, I mean imagine if you are him. You might feel the same way. With all the stuff going around, I don't blame him.” I say, shrugging and getting up.

“Wait? Where are we going?” Ione asks, getting up with me.

“The movie theater or the mall. Witch one do you want to go to?” I ask her.

“Mall. Duh!” Ione says. We head off to the mall.

“Where did you hear that saying?” Ione asks as we are in Apostatile and Finch.

“I heard it from my mom when I was little. I was teasing my brother. And you know how he is.” I say, rolling my eyes.

“Who came up with that saying? It is crazy!” Ione says, picking up a shimmery dress.

“Would this look good on me?” She asks.

“Try it on. I think it might.” I say. Ione goes into the dressing room and comes out in the stunning dress.

“Wow!” I say.

Ione twirls. “You think?”

“Yeah! It looks good!” I say.

Ione buys the dress.

“Really, who made that crazy quote?” Ione says as we buy our food across from the ranting man.

 Mrs. Clark Note: I like how you continue the quote conversation as you go from place to place as you shop.

“I don't know. How about we check the bookstore? We can use a computer.” I say.

“What? Nobody made it? Well, this sucks!” I say, throwing my arms up into the air.

“What about this?” Ione says clicking a site.

“It was a quote in Forest Gump, but they got it from somewhere else.” I say.

“Well, this sucks.” Ione says, pouting.

“Well, we at least know a bit more about it.” I say.

“True.” Ione says.


A few weeks later

Mrs. Clark Note: Wow!

Ione, Zak, Elsie, and I are sitting around the playground.

“Hey, look at the retard!” Some older boys say, pointing at Zak.

I rush up to them.

“What the heck are you doing? He isn't deaf. He can hear you! Put yourself in his shoes! You jerks! You aren't impressing anybody. You're just making a fool of yourself!” I say, feeling the need to chase this guy to Timbucktoo.

“Hey! We are just joking!” The boy says, his face turning red from embaressment.

“Ha! Just joking. Get the heck home. Beat it or I'll get my dad.” I say, walking back to my sad brother. Elsie is talking to him softly.

“Thanks Elsie.” I say.

“Those guys are jerks.” I say.

“Yeah, they need to be in Zak's shoes.” Ione says.


Mrs. Clark Note: This could be a contest entry!


Grade- Content= A+ 22/20  Corectness= A 19/20 (I misspelled nay as neigh I forgot indents and I had two wrong commas)

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