When the Red Rose Stings

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These poems
Aren't really me
A new person has
Come from the rotten shell
Of what I once was.
Thank you from saving me
From the nothing
I once was
And making me feel
That's why when the day
Comes that we must part
That day will burn
A hole in my heart.

Submitted: May 29, 2012

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Submitted: May 29, 2012



The red rose is a cherished flower

To most.

The red rose stings me

It reminds me of days with Charlie.

The one who broke my heart.

He gave me a rose

The day he told me

He was over me.

I couldn't stand

Flowers after that.

But then, a light came

It told me to follow

It lead me out of the tunnel

And into a praire

That was filled with flowers

That all ment love

Standing in the praire

Was a dog

That never left my side again.

And a boy

Who taught me the meaning of life

And the meaning of hope

And the meaning of love.

And because of this

My heart will be broken

but i will never play that record again

Because that record just repeats

And that is a thing

I avoid.


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