Death of A Lover

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This is what started Kitana's revenge.

Submitted: July 22, 2008

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Submitted: July 22, 2008



Death of a Lover

I stood there

Cold and abashed

Rain poured down my cheeks, fused with tears

That hit the moonlite ground

Meaningless and cryptic

Where had he gone?

The man who left

My beloved Pheonix to lie

On the cold hard ground lifeless

I watched as the crimson pool

Flowed down the bank and past sight

Hidden by darkness

With no trail of its end

I fell to my knees beside him

and stared at his blanched face

hoping he would revive

I knew he was gone

but no force could make me beleive it

He looked as if he slumbered

lying amoung the blood stained grass

shadowed by the towering redwoods

I picked up his head

and stroked his matted hair

Placing his face against mine

as aimless hatred replaced my tears

I pondered the cause

but found no answers

i only had

the lifeless body

of my husband

lying in my trembling

scarlet arms

© Copyright 2018 Kitana. All rights reserved.

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