The Summer That Changed Her Life ( response to Poison Passion's challenge)

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This is my challenge response to Poison Passion's challenge. I was given a number of words based on the number I choose. I got to choose a singer that I liked and right a story about them. I choose my favorite singer Carrie Underwood. Then I had to write a short, fictional story about her, and here it is!

Submitted: August 04, 2008

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Submitted: August 04, 2008



The Summer That Changed Her Life
“ Thanks you guys! Have a good night,” Carrie shouted to her fans. “ God I’m beat,” she moaned when she got back stage. “ Carrie! Carrie! Carrie!” Her name was being called from every direction. “ At least I’m used to this,” she thought. She shoved through the crowds and finally reached her dressing room.
Carrie reached in her pocket to get out her dressing room key. But, when she went to unlock the door it already was. “ I don’t remember leaving the door unlocked,” she whispered to herself. “ You know when someone talks to themselves it’s a sign they’re crazy,” a strange male voice stated. Carrie pretty much hit the ceiling when she jumped in shock. “ did you g..g..get in my dressing,” she stuttered. “ Oh I find ways,” he replied.
A rush of emotions flowed through her. “ Who is this guy,” she thought. “ Sorry. I’m being terribley rude. My name is Jason Will, pleasure to meet you,” he said in a most polite manner. “ Wow. It’s like he read my mind,” Carrie thought. “ Well Jason you’re a breath of fresh air because you didn’t start screaming my name the second you saw me,” Carrie told the stranger, Jason. “ Well I guess that’s because I don’t really listen to your music; I’m not a fan. I just came here to ask you something,” Jason said smugly.
“ What a jerk,” Carrie screamed in her mind. “ Ask away,” she replied unenthusiastically. “ I’m going to make this quick because I’m in a hurry. I just wanted to say I made a big mistake with you in the past, and I apologize. I never should have left you. If that doesn’t spark your memory, then take this.” He tossed a book at Carrie and ran off. She picked it up and examined the cover. Inside there was a neatly placed post– it in a certain spot, it seemed. “ Sheraton Highschool yearbook,” she read aloud. Carrie opened the book to the post- it page, still uncertain of what was going on. On the page she opened to, there were pictures of the High school football team. She gasped.
“ Jason! My high school sweetheart,” she shrieked. How could she for get? Well, first off she tried to hide that memory in the back of her brain never to be thought of again. Also, his last name was different then what it was in high school. “ So his dad must have married that women he was dating when I was dating Jason,” she told herself. Jason Parks. The one she lost her virginity to that one summer.
Carrie began to remember that fateful summer that had changed her life forever.
“ Jason! I’m going to miss you so much over vacation,” I said practically sobbing. “ Babe, what are you talking about? We’re going to be together all vacation long. Next week is your birthday after all, and I’ve got a surprise for you,” Jason replied. He kissed me softly on the lips and then got in his car. Three months with limited viewing hours. I wasn’t sure how I was going to survive.
One week has passed and it is now my birthday. I’m so happy I could melt! The door knocked and I almost fell as I flew to it. The second it was yanked open, I jumped into Jason’s arms. “ “Guess you’re ready for your surprise now. Don’t worry it’s all sorted out between our parents. I mean you are 18 now, so they couldn’t really stop us. Let’s go,” he said, grabbing my hand in his and my suitcase in his other. “ This is going to be the best birthday ever,” I thought to myself.
We jumped in the car and shut the doors. Suddenly, Jason grabbed my face between his hands and gave me a huge kiss. My eyes closed in delight, but snapped open to see darkness when he pulled away. “ A blindfold,” I stated sourly. “ It’s a birthday surprise isn’t it,” he replied. The 20 minutes in the car felt like hours, but the walk to our destination felt like a lifetime. “ Alright, here we are,” Jason, stated.
He removed my blindfold, and I hesitantly opened my eyes. We were standing on a balcony that overlooked the ocean. To my right there was a table set up for a romantic dinner for two. There were roses, champagne, the whole bit. “ This is incredible,” I squealed. “ Glad you like it,” he said pleased. The evening was perfect. We ate dinner, talked, and slow danced at sunset. But the night was still to come. “ This way, birthday girl,” Jason said as he tenderly grabbed my hand in his. And we walked like that silently to the bedroom.
It felt like a dream that ended all to quickly, because we were already on my home’s doorstep. “ Jason, there’s something I have to tell you,” I whispered. “ This is it. It’s now or never,” I thought. “ I LOVE YOU JASON,” I screamed. And that was it. His face went blank, he laughed a nervous laugh, kissed me on the forhead, and left. I would never see him again. Those awful words that ruined everything rang through my head.
I love you…….I love you…….I love you………….. I love you…………….
Tears were streaming down Carrie’s cheeks. She didn’t realize her hands were shaking until a paper fell from the yearbook. She bent down, picked it up, and read it. It read:
Dear Carrie,
I know this is late, but I want to tell you what I wanted to tell you that day. I love you to. I still do, Carrie. And I know you probably don’t feel the same way anymore, but that’s all right. Please forgive me.
Jason Will
Carrie stood there stunned, and then she ran. She didn’t know why or where, but she ran. “ I might still be able to catch him,” she screamed in her head. But would she? It seemed like hours had passed, but was it really only minutes? Carrie ran as if her life depended on it, but she felt like she was in slow motion. The red, flickering exit sign seemed to be teasing her. She could feel every second ticking past her. And then, she was there.
“ JASON,” she screamed the second the door was opened. She wasn’t sure if he was there or not because her eyes were still adjusting to the light. But when they did, there Jason stood, frozen holding the cab door open with his hand and one leg already inside. “ Thank goodness! I made it just on time,” she thought relieved. Carrie ran into his arms and kissed him on the lips. She wasn’t sure when Jason shut the cab door or when it left, but that didn’t matter.
She pulled away from his lips for a moment to say “ Yes Jason! I still love you! I never stopped loving you,” I said. We stood there looking into each other’s eyes, and then they kissed once again. “ This is how it should’ve been,” she thought. And this is how it was now.

THE END!!! ~KitKat123

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