Think Before You Speak

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

A young girl describes her time starting at a high school, and it's a pretty bumpy road.


Think Before You Speak


I woke up to the sound of my annoying pig of an alarm blaring music at the top of its lungs. Lazily, I managed to drag one of my arms from underneath the warmth of my nest and bang it until it shut up.  Yawning, I stretched and looked at the time. 7:00Am. Great. Time to get my ass out of bed, and get ready for my first day at my new school. Sense the enthusiasm?

I got myself ready then headed off for my first day of new school Hell.  As soon as I entered the building (which by the way looked like a zoo/prison from the outside never mind the inside) I swear my jar actually hit the tiled floor. It was complete and utter mayhem. And too sweeten the honey it felt like everyone was oogling me, like they wanted to rip my eyes out and throw me out the window. It was just like a bloody zoo. Monkeys were scratching their asses, picking fleas off each other and climbing up the battered walls, birds were chirping away too each other hurriedly, Lions were roaring and each other and wrestling for dominance, and Hyenas were cackling in the background.

Feeling way too overcrowded, I rushed towards the place I guessed was my form room , and too my luck it was. I rushed inside in case a fight or something broke out and went and sat right at the back of the class. Gosh this place IS a zoo. I wanted out, right now! Too late though, I was stuck here for the rest of the day.

I heard the bell for form ring in the distance.

STAMPEDE!!!! 10 pupils were at the door, trying to squeeze in all at once while screaming and shouting at each other, headphones dangling from their ears and phones blasting out music. I gripped my desk harder; this is going to be a REALLY hard day.

The tutor at the front of the class dropped his ‘Hello’ magazine and got up from his desk to see what all the noise was about. I could have fainted. As if the ‘Hello’ magazine wasn’t enough, he was wearing a PINK watch! What’s with that? Seriously, I hope for his own sake no one else sees that. They’ll rip him apart, all of the zoo will. The monkeys will jump on his chest, the elephants will use their trunks to pour water all over him, the lions will have the legs and the vultures will scavenge what’s left. Pink on a lad in a school is a major no no.

The door hinge looked like it was going to snap off as finally the students figured out they had to actually go in the door one by one, not ten by ten. Now you can see why I was worried.

Rushing to the desks, the students carried on murmuring around me. Not one of them noticed me, and not anyone sat near me. Not that I stank or anything. Don’t worry, I’m not one of those people at school, I have blonde hair and I wear a bit of makeup, who doesn’t really? I’m not fat, but I soon realised why no one sat at the desk. One of the students, a girl with HUGE zits on her face, glasses with lenses that could probably see through walls they were that thick, braces that obviously hadn’t been cleaned in a while, and to top it all off a knitted cardigan with bunnies on sat down next to me giggling. I could’ve cried. SOMEONE HELP ME. I didn’t want to be mean so I stayed put, but I couldn’t bear to look straight at her in case she ate me. Scary thoughts ran through my head. What if one of those zits burst? ON ME!? Got to move! No, It’ll look rude. Dammit, someone give me a reason to move! She was looking at me like I was food. What do I do? Ok calm down, the bell will go in four minutes. Just go with the flow. Looking up at her, I smiled weakly. It took every inch of my body not to run like mad. She smiled back, and I saw she had a piece of what looked like lettuce stuck in her braces. I turned away before I puked. I didn’t know whether to point it out or not. It might seem rude.

Thankfully I didn’t have to talk to her again, the tutor took the register. I was like an outsider; no one else from my school had come here, because I’d moved to Scotland like a month ago. Left behind my friends and my whole life really. We only moved here because Dad wanted to spend his life trying to catch a glimpse of the Loch Ness monster. I’m serious, that’s what he told me anyway.

The bell went for first lesson and I shout out of there quick, managing to get out before the other students had even got up; they were dawdling and I didn’t plan on waiting for them to move. I should warn you now, I have a REALLY bad temper. Anyone so much as says ‘hi’ to me wrong I’ll swear at them. No, I’m kidding ha-ha, I’m not that bad. It’s just how frustrating is it when everyone dawdles in the hallways? Doesn’t it just grind your bones? Especially when they know they’re doing it. Drives me crazy. Someone does it today, I’ll drag them to the toilets, wherever they are, I’m new remember, I’ll have to ask a teacher to give me directions, then I’ll flush their head down the loo’s. Are the rumours true though? Are we fresh meat for the year 11’s? Do they really flush every single new student? Will they flush me? I don’t want to get flushed, but I wouldn’t mind flushing someone else. Maybe if I bring students to them they’ll leave me out, I can be like a little pet. Shut up Samantha your imaginations taking over.

Walking down the corridors, it was like a really busy traffic jam, and we were all the cars. I was a monster truck; I have to be a monster truck. All the rest were little mini’s. Everyone was beeping and honking, which was starting to give me a headache. I had had enough. I turned my monster truck on full power and rolled over all the mini’s in front. The windows crushed underneath my tyres as I triumphantly drove on, everyone moved out of my way then, they didn’t want to get squashed. See, I have an over active imagination. But it’s a good thing, means I do brilliantly in English! On for A’s and A*’s and GCSE, well that’s what my Nan says. Ok, that doesn’t sound to good does it; my Nan can’t even remember what day it is or how to sit down, so I should probably just ignore that.

I reached first lesson. Science. I walked in and the odour of sweat hit me. You might wonder what that was doing there, well that makes two of us. So, trying to ignore the smell gripping my nostrils I made my way to the teacher’s desk, where a petite blonde woman was sitting, looking through sheets. I smiled at her, lamely. Stop smiling you idiot. I stopped and swallowed. Laughing, the teacher put the sheets down and looked at me. She smiled warmly.

“Hi, my names Mr’s Wilson, I’m your science teacher for the next year. What’s your name?”

Oh no. She was talking to me. I didn’t know what to say, and I knew I was going to stammer anyway.

“M-my name’s S-Samantha.”

“Welcome to River High, you’ll like it here! It may seem strange right now but you’ll fit right in. Now let me show you to your seat.”

Mrs Wilson moved from behind her desk and walked over to the left corner of the room and I followed obediently. Gosh, I just made myself sound like a dog. Woof, ha-ha.

“This is your seat Samantha; I’ll give out your new book when everyone arrives. Have you brought a pen?”



With that she walked back to her desk. I sat down and placed my groovy bag under the table. I had a strange feeling, maybe I needed the loo, I don’t know, but I just felt weird. Suddenly students started arriving in a mad rush. I noticed a little boy with his trousers tucked into his socks, no idea what that was about. New fashion trend anyone? Someone else caught my eye. A little girl, just a little smaller than me rushed in with her head bent low, looking at the floor. You could see from looking at her that she lacked confidence. She was chubby, with short brown/blonde hair, I could tell her ears had been pierced because her hair was tucked behind them, and they were blue earrings, my favourite colour. A blue hair band would match her perfectly. I could see that she’d put nail polish on her nails when she got nearer, and it had mostly been scratched off, it was deep blue as well. Also I noticed a blue back pack on her back, with some key rings dangling from the zip. One was a little cream teddy with a blue ribbon tied on its neck, one was a donkey (kind of like the one off Shrek but I’m not really sure) and finally there was one that looked like Cinderella. What’s that doing on there? She’ll be eaten ALIVE! I felt really sorry for her. She’d probably been ripped all through primary school. Then I noticed she was walking in my direction. I wanted her to, I wanted to talk to her, and maybe I could be the one to help her build up some confidence. She was a little overweight but so what? I don’t judge people like that, no one should, it’s mean. The girl sniffled and sat on the seat next to me, keeping her backpack on her back. I cleared my throat. I held out my hand.

“Hi, I’m Samantha.”

She looked at my hand like it was oozing green stuff, or like it had been mauled by wolves. I wondered if anyone had shaken her hand before, maybe no one had even talked to her properly. Blushing, I withdrew my hand. She looked at me strange. Since the teacher was giving out books I decided to give it another try before the lesson started. I Turned  to her smiling warmly, not stupidly; I mean I didn’t want her flying out the window did I know? I didn’t know what to say to her, until I noticed a charm bracelet she was wearing on her wrist. I took the opportunity.

“I like your bracelet. Where did you get it?”

Clearly this girl didn’t know how to interact with people, it was really sad. I’d never really been good at handling people with problems, I usually end up saying stupid things that get my in ALOT of trouble. It’s better to let people think you’re stupid then open your mouth and prove it. That’s my motto. She didn’t reply she just stared at me. I was getting really uncomfortable now. How was I going to get her to speak to me? Then I realised why she wouldn’t. A skinny lad with black hair sitting in front of us turned around sniggering. I could tell her wasn’t going to be nice. I braced myself, but then I realised it wasn’t me he was looking at. Oh no.

“Hi Lisa, how’s that diet going of yours? You know the see food diet? See food and eat it?”

He burst out laughing and so did the little lad with huge teeth sat next to him, nerd written all over him. Remember my temper?

“Shut up and turn back round specs,” I snarled at the nerd.

He squeaked and turned back round playing with his huge calculator. The lad with black hair stared at me. He smiled.

“Who are you?”

“I’m Samantha, and you better leave Lisa alone, or you’ll have me to deal with.”

He looked startled and he almost instantly turned back round. I smiled triumphantly. Most bullies are just cowards, say one word to them and they start shaking in their boots. I never liked bullies; often my mouth has got me in fights, usually with lads. I know what you’re thinking, with lads? Yeah, the rule you shouldn’t hit girls if you’re a lad, it didn’t exist at our school. So, I just hit them where it hurts. Trust me, they had to crawl home clutching their pride. I’m handy with my fists, and I have the temper to back it up.

Lisa was looking at me gratefully. Then she actually spoke to me. I was shocked.


Ok, it was only one word but so what? At least I managed to get her to say something.

The lesson went ok, so did the one after that, but I didn’t see Lisa again. I was worried about her. That black haired bully had already got on my nerves, even though I didn’t even know his name. I didn’t care what it was anyway.

At break I stood near the toilets, munching a bag of crisps out of my lunch, Dad would stress if he knew I was eating my lunch at break. But he’s not here. Loads of students walked past me playing music on  their phones, blasting at full volume. Where are the teachers to control these people? I actually asked a lad who was walking past, he looked like a year or two older, and he said most of them were in the staff room. The senior students were supposed to keep an eye on people at break. What?! I wanted to be one of them, but I think I’ll change my mind. No way am I chasing their tails at break when I could be relaxing.

The Lisa walked past and into the toilets. I peeped in and saw loads of plastics applying their ‘much needed’ war paint in the mirrors. Oh yes, every school has them. The plastics crew. The oranges. Seriously, these girls think this makes them look good. Do they aim to look like oranges? Or being tangoed for that matter? I’d rather just keep my natural skin tone thank you; my skin couldn’t handle all that, it would MELT.

They all looked at Lisa, and started giggling and whispering. Red filled my eyes. Gosh next I’ll be shouting “YOU WON’T LIKE ME WHEN I’M ANGRY!” I walked into the toilets and the plastics gazed at me. One of them, the one with straw like blonde hair with brown streaks with what looked like Barbie’s handbag a short skirt (seriously you could see a bit of her knickers, no shame much?), fake eyelashes, a bright orange face compared to all the other humans who inhabit the planet and you could tell she regularly used sun beds ( She must spend what? Five times a DAY on them?) and she got closer to me then I liked. I raised my eyebrows.

“You want to back off? You’re in my face and I can taste your makeup like I’m swallowing it.”

She looked outraged.

“And who the heck are you? I’ve never seen you before?”

“Wow, really? Maybe that’s because I just moved here. And I’m Samantha.”

“Well Samantha, don’t you know who I am? I’m Britney, and what I say goes.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. She looked like I’d slapped her hard across the face.

“Well, not with me love. Oh, and don’t you have anything better to do then pick on people? Seriously, you could spend the time having proper make up lessons.”


Britney and her gang left, while I just stood there smirking. These girls think they’re all that but really they’re just makeup and the kind that shove socks down their bras. I don’t by the way, let’s get that clear right now. Not my kind of thing. Never has been, never will be. Lisa left the cubicle but she didn’t say anything to me, she just washed her hands and left. What did I have to do to get her to trust me and talk to me? Surely she must have realised I’m not going to hurt her. Maybe she just needs some time. I’m making it sound like a break up aren’t I? Awkward.

Rest of the day was ok, except that black haired lad sat next to me in double RE. Every time I looked at him he was already looking at me, and it was really freaking me out. I hate it when people do that. I ESPECIALLY hate people who do that who bully people. Maybe I should’ve wacked him one, but something made me think the teacher wouldn’t quite be joyful about that. I learned that his name was Rick Parton. I hate those lessons.

Dinner was fine, I sat outside on the benches, yeah on my own but so what, I don’t need people to keep my company twenty four seven, I can entertain myself. Have you ever done that where you make up shapes in the clouds? I love doing that. Saves being bored. Great, now I’m making myself out to be childish. Don’t think I’m innocent though, oh no. I threw food around when the teachers turned their backs. Well some idiots decided it would be funny to squirt water at me, so I jumped up from the bench, grabbed hold of one of their collard and shoved half a sandwich down their back, and threw a bit at one of his friends. It was so funny. The lad was struggling for at least ten minutes while his mates were laughing at him. It dropped out of his shirt and then he ran off. Then I saw Rick again, and Lisa. They weren’t anywhere near each other so I wasn’t going to rip his head off or anything, but I was definitely keeping a close eye on him, and on Britney.

Rest of the day went by pretty quick, had maths last. Had a teacher who seriously got five times seven wrong. No one else would tell him. Annoyed, I got out of my seat and corrected it. Honestly, some people. End of school, the great stampede. I nearly got squashed by a lad who was riding a bike; don’t worry, I’ll get my own back tomorrow

The next day, I woke up to my radio singing away. Like every morning. I banged it with my fist until it shut up. Stupid thing and I can’t even disable it. It’s because my dad has taken the buttons off. My Dad seems weird doesn’t he? He is a little. But he’s my Dad so I’m allowed to say that.

The walk to school was absolutely boring. It was windy so I walked in school looking like I’d been struck by lightning, and then to top it all off it had started raining. Water was dripping off my nose. I was so angry I could’ve screamed. I didn’t know the kind of day I was in for.

Third lesson, English, I needed the loo. She’s a really nice teacher, she actually let me go whereas the others expect you to hold it in for the next hour. Yeah until your bladder is the size of a stadium. It’s torture, that’s what it is. I stopped when I got to the toilet door. I heard crying. I felt uncomfortable around criers, remember I’m not good with people who have problems and need comforting. I felt the urge that I should enter so I did. The girl must have heard the door creak open because she stopped. I walked over and knocked on the door. She was in the end cubicle; it was the only one that was shut and locked. I wanted to check if she was alright.

“Hello? Are you alright in there?”

I recognised the voice that came from within the cubicle.

“I-I’m fine. Please just leave me alone.”

“I don’t want to, you sound really upset. Why don’t you unlock the door and let me talk to you. Well, I’m not really that good at advice giving, but I’m sure I can cheer you up.”

“But why do you care? I’m just fat little Lisa, always have been always will be.”

“Hey don’t think like that ok? It’s not true, don’t listen to the stupid idiots in this school, they talk a load of rubbish. Please, come out and tell me what’s bothering you.”

“I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“There’s something I have to do first.”

“What’s that?”

“Samantha, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, that’s my name.”

“You were the only one who treated me like a real person, not a fat little pig. You’re a great person, remember that.”

I had a bad feeling about this.

“Lisa, what do you mean? Please come out, I need to talk to you.”

She sniffled from within the cubicle; I couldn’t even look over the top because I wasn’t tall enough.

“Thanks Samantha.”

I couldn’t hear anything from within the cubicle for a few moments, then I noticed a red liquid seeping from the under the cubicle. I panicked. Blood?? That’s the only thing it could be! Adrenaline pumped through my veins.


I kicked at the door and I pushed all my force onto it but it wouldn’t open. I kept trying and trying but I wasn’t getting anywhere. I tried to kick it in again but with no such luck. Panicking, I fled from the toilets and raced back to class. I burst through the door and nearly tripped over a chair. Everyone turned to stare at me, including the teacher. I was panting with fear and worry. I managed to get some words out.


The teacher told everyone else to stay in their seats and she ushered me out hurriedly. I went back to the toilets with her and stayed at the door where she placed me while she went in and looked. I was panicking wildly, my head rushing with so many thoughts it hurt. What is Lisa was dead? Was it my fault for not being able to talk her out of it? The teacher managed to unlock the cubicle somehow. I heard it swing open and the teacher gasp. I wanted to see what had happened, but she rushed and grabbed me and told me to get the head teacher and tell her to call an ambulance, and I did as I was told. I banged on the head teachers door and it opened almost immediately.

“Miss. Something’s happened involving a little girl, Miss Wembley told me to get you and for you to call an ambulance, it’s an emergency.”

Immediately she called for an ambulance and then hurried to the toilets, her high heels clacking on the floor. I was once again told to wait by the door. By now I was overcome with shakes, I don’t know what is was except from fear and I felt sick.  It was being made worse by not knowing exactly what was happening. I could hear what they were saying through the door.

“The ambulance is on the way. Who’s the girl outside?


“Ok, I’ll take her into my office and then send her home. I think we’ll have too send everyone home.”

This was bad. The head teacher gestured for me to follow her back to her office. When we got in there, she gently closed the door and sat down. I sat down in the chair opposite, my heartbeat still accelerating from the tension in the room; it could’ve been sliced through with a knife. I could tell this was going to be difficult to digest.

“Samantha, I’m going too get your Dad to come and pick you up ok?”

“What about Lisa?”

She wouldn’t look at me fully.

“Lisa will be looked after by the ambulance and hospital dear, I’ll let you and your family know when we know for sure what’s happened.”

I already knew what had happened. I broke down. I’d failed that girl. I didn’t help her like I should have done, and I got to her too late. I know why she did it, and I regret that I didn’t do more to help. But what could I have done?

I got sent home, and I didn’t stop crying all day. I felt like it was all my fault. I got interviewed by the police the next day, and found out Lisa was dead. I wasn’t invited to her funeral, but I sent flowers and a card. I still can’t believe it really happened. What would drive someone so much that they felt there was no way out other than to take your own life? I couldn’t understand it at all.

I bet you started reading this story and never guessed it would turn out like this, did you? Neither did I, so that makes two of us, doesn’t it?


Everyone was sad at school a week later, showing they did at least have some respect for her. Seriously, if anyone had even said one thing about her I’d have battered them, broke their nose and everything. That’s one thing a lot of people lack these days, respect. Lisa’s dead because all these people didn’t show her any respect and treated her like a big dumb animal, and it tears me apart just thinking about what she must have went through. Bet you think I’m over reacting don’t you? I don’t see it that way. Sure, I’d only been here nearly two days when she’d killed herself, but that doesn’t help me sleep at night. I came to late. Maybe if I’d moved a few weeks earlier I would have made her change her mind, but my guess is she’d been planning it for months. You hear it in the news, or in the papers, of young people committing suicide because of stupid people out there, but you never think you’re going too be involved in it. Everyone judges everyone, doesn’t mean you have to turn it into hate and discrimination.

We had a minute silence for her in assembly, I don’t want to sound emotional but it was really sweet. The teacher said some really good things about Lisa, Miss Lent; she was the teacher that Lisa used to talk to about some of her problems. You could tell she was suppressing tears. She said how Lisa was a really sweet girl, who was adopted since her mum died and her Dad couldn’t afford to look after her, yet she still hung on and didn’t let go, until now. She was a special girl and will never be forgotten.

Now to tell you about the plastics. Well, they’re as babyish as ever. Baby models. I’ve had a few run ins with Britney since, mainly arguments. We had one in the middle of maths which got us both removed from the lesson. Got a detention because of her, and Dad grounded me for a week, which meant I couldn’t go out with Kylie at the weekend.  Got Britney back on April Fool’s day. Seriously she believes anything. I told her that someone had written cheesy feet on the back of her shirt, so what did she do? The idiot unbuttoned her shirt and turned it around. Should have seen all the boys eyes, they were popping out of their heads. All the girls were gasping and I was splitting my sides. She called me an idiot and then put her shirt back on. But I wasn’t the one half naked in the classroom.

I still sit next to Rick you know. I can tell he feels anxious around me after I told him off for calling Lisa the day before she died. I don’t just blame him though, I just don’t look at him. I’ve spoke to him once since this all happened, and that was because he asked to borrow a pencil stuttering, I just said ‘no’, even though I had like two in my pocket. Oh yeah, and there was a rumour going round that he ‘liked’ me. Like I’d ever like him back, he’s a pathetic little boy in my eyes and that’s all he’ll ever be. I wouldn’t say I hate him; HATE is a too strong a word. I strongly DISLIKE him. Very strongly. I’ll tell you what though, I’ve made a new enemy, oh yes.

Remember the nerd with specs. Yep, I’ve had another bump in with him in history. Sir made the silly mistake of sitting him next to me. I thought It’d be fine at first, that he wouldn’t even talk to me since I thought he was quiet. Until the next lesson we had, he called me fat. Just of of the blue. Here’s the conversation:

“You’re Fat.”

“What did you just say?”

No reply.

“You ugly but I don’t complain.”

“Least I’m not fat.”

“Least I’m not ugly, tomorrow I can diet.”

“I can have a face lift.”

“Mate, no surgeon could EVER make that look normal.”

Then he shut up. I snapped my ruler in frustration, and then hid it under my table. One pound for a new ruler, I don’t think so. I needed that one pound for the shop after school with Kylie. Too buy slush’s. We get one every day after school, then we get sugar rushes, it’s awesome.

Anyway, this is the end of my little story, I just have one thing left to say, and that is...



Think before you speak.




Submitted: August 18, 2012

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