Forgotten About You

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Katrina-Kitty-Hollands has just woken up from a five day coma, only to find out that she has just suffered a memory loss of one year. This lands the young seventeen year old in some serious hot water.

Firstly, waking up to a whole new life isn’t easy.

Secondly, finding out that crazy crushes and sparks are still there isn’t exactly helping the situation.

And lastly, indirectly bullying: is it a new form of a warm ‘Welcome Back, we've missed you’?

Not only is Kitty hot tempered and hilariously dense, she is also a dangerously hormonal teenager.

Can this hotheaded redhead untangle her heart and fix the muddle she’s in…without a trip back to the hospital bed?

[Forgotten About You ~ Completed]
CopyRight at K. F Parker ©
First Novel Written
Pen Name: Kitkattish
Author: K. F Parker

Table of Contents