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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic


chapter 1 - the fading light
The year is 2066

With the absence of god 

Satan makes his presence known

collecting the light (or souls) of people 

by giving money and power for a persons light

the more light a person holds the more they can get

its a one time deal but you can take another's light

and bargain again with Satan for more

so naturally the greedy start stealing light

Satan never gives advice or guidance 

nor has Satan asked for anything more than light

but that didn't stop those who first traded their light 

and banded together from calling themselves satanists

which naturally made Satan the figurehead to blame 

for the crimes of the satanists who act of their own free will

it only took 24 hours for Satan to become known worldwide

and become the undisputed conqueror of the world 

with over 3 billion trading their light within that 24 hours

by the 25th hour a large group of satanists decide to 

invade the countries with large amounts of light left 

starting with the third most "lit" country America.



Submitted: September 06, 2019

© Copyright 2021 kitlynn. All rights reserved.

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