Passion Rebuffed

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We can be mothlike, unable to think for our chemistry takes over and we simply lust!

Submitted: December 29, 2016

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Submitted: December 29, 2016




Your scent triggers pheromones in a cloud,

clustering too close, dizzying my mind.

You, who with my passions are endowed,

to my scent and sight, you act truly blind.

Our planets seem to orbit misaligned.

My skin damp, you overwhelm my senses;

spider silk strands of heady passion bind.

In my soul corporeal lust condenses.


I want your body, I am not too proud

to feel this lust with love is deep entwined.

For as it does my thinking-self becloud,

reasoning to a prison is confined.

Moth-like, my wings beat at your defenses,

too light a touch so I am left behind

to wonder; did you see some offenses,

to match my zeal, you seem so un-inclined.

In my soul corporeal lust condenses.


Rebuffed, rejection covers like a shroud,

and lays to rest the lust that you declined.

My deep desire for you I have avowed,

will only for a moment be repined.

As the moth whose driven by its senses,

I seek for one who takes my scent in kind.

I’ve no time to truck with false pretenses,

I swear my heart to you I’ve not consigned.

In my soul corporeal lust condenses.  

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