i am a faithful servent

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Submitted: February 11, 2012

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Submitted: February 11, 2012



You are my sire, my master,
My lord, my commander,
And I’ll do as you say
For it’s only like that,
I don’t feel so much as a stray.

Command me at will,
Rob me if you must,
Betray me, stab me,
Do whatever you please
For it is you who I am geed by .

Make me your lover,
Or even rape me if that’s what thrills you.
Do what ever you want with me
For I’ll never willingly leave,
I am your minion, your captive  seed.

You can beat my soft body,
Glaze at my guts all swirled out,
And my blood form a mound
For I will not protest,
I’m all yours to be maimed.

You can be my stairs and my bars,
Make me a prisoner or be my savior,
You can even do both if that’s
What you momentarily crave,
For I myself would imprison me,
If that’s what you'd desire.

Leave me outside in the rain,
In the down-pour, the shower,
And mock when I’m ill
For it is another hour to worship,
And I’ll let nothing make it sour.

Exhaust me until I’m faint.
Don’t stop, even if I strain,
Keep me out doing your biding,
Even if all you want to do,
Is be lazy on the couch,
And watch me get screwed.

You are my head, my superior,
Lead me anywhere you please,
You can escort me to hell or even heaven
For I will never dwell.
I will endure anything and everything you gift
Without a second though, without a doubt
...my love.

Whether you make me into stew,
Or simply craft me into a maid,
Do what ever you want with me
For I will always come to your aid

I’m your loyal and faithful servant,
Until the end of my days
Until I reach my grave,
I’m internally yours to be claimed.
... Your Faithfull Servent

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