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what iv'e done has done everything to do with who iv'e become.iv'e lost everything that i have earned and i never get it back. That is just how my life goes. you do what your told and you do what you should.When you get out of line you'll be certain that someone will be there to put you back.Iv'e worked hard for my spot and i'm probaly hanging out with people i shouldn't and that's what ive been told a zillion times but i do it anyways. i like where i am now but i dread my life and what iv'e done to make the people not be cool with me. I have many people that care about what i do and will stick with me through just about everything and those people are the closest to me and understand what iv'e done and why iv'e dome it. this is just my life and how i live it the way i do. i know what iv'e done and what things had been around what iv'e done but that's just me !

Submitted: April 04, 2009

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