the boy without love

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Submitted: October 10, 2012

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Submitted: October 10, 2012



A long time ago when nights were still around a young boy had a dream about being a night and saving a beautiful princess from a terrible castle in a far away place where no one can see. So he asked his farther for a horse to be his stead and being a carpenter he refused and made him scrub the tools for a week.

Years later when the boy was 16 he knew how to make a sword in a minute but never had the feeling of love or friendship  so he disabused his farther and went out and purchased a horse  and called it midnight to go with the black stead look not a single spot of any other colour pure black.

He then looked in the Dailey save me magazine and picked a beautiful girl with long brown hair and light blue eyes and such a beautiful little smile, will she be his only time and lots of advancer will tell.

Connor went on his way to find his one true love he got to the lake of death it didn’t stop him, he passed the tree of blood and kin no problem but when he got to loves first kiss he froze dead and saw nothing not a girl not a sigh not even a little pet it was blank and he realized he never loved and how did he now how to, he crippled over in pane he can’t stand that thought, thinking he will never love, he got back up and said “its my dad he did this I never had a pet, I never had a mother not even my own farther cared about me how could I be shore that a princess would care about me never mind love me.”

After hours of thinking he got back on his horse and galloped on because if you never take a risk you will never win. He was determined to save his true love from the evil dragon and have true loves first kiss.

After many hour journey he finely reached the castile and saw the tiny little dragon he walked up to it and chopped off its head with no second thought he climbed to the top room of the tallest tower and save his angle but at first look she was ugly but he knew in her heart she was as beautiful as angle.

Knowing her intent was true he scooped her up and ran out side he stud on the bridge and kissed her on the lips and suddenly it began to snow and the princess flow up and changed to a beautiful princess and she said “now you can love me” and he replied

“I loved you anyway” and she realized that he had a good heart and married him The endonly if I could say they lived happily ever after!

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